Dunno why I've bought this when I've nowhere to put it

Discussion in 'Classic Motorbikes' started by The Older Gentleman, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. As dull as a BSA M20?
    Macabre of Auchterloonie, Apr 7, 2011
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  2. The Older Gentleman

    YTC#1 Guest

    His biggest problem will be trying to get a permanent import for each
    vehicle, it can take up to 2 years.

    His other option is to ride each one to Argentina and back every 3 months.

    Strangely, Argentina hand out 9 month temporary import permits.

    Or have a garage sale
    YTC#1, Apr 9, 2011
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  3. Mght come to that.
    The Older Gentleman, Apr 10, 2011
  4. And it isn't. It's a peach. Mind you, those old-skool brakes take some
    getting used to. I wonder if 900R calipers fit?

    Tyres will need changing in about 1000 miles. Lord knows what one fits
    to 1988 Kawasakis.

    It clatters and grumbles when cold like those air-cooled Kawasakis
    always did, and when warm is nice and quiet and whizzy.

    The exhaust is all-original: the seler thought the headers were
    stainless, but they're not. At some point someone removed the whole
    thing, wire brushed off the original paint, and repainted it. It's in
    excellent shape, including the balance section underneath.

    It whizzed straight up to an indicated 115, but mindful of my licence
    status, that's all I've taken it to. I think they used to do about 130.

    I'd forgotten what muscle was needed on those old bikes. I like them
    that way. For a grand, it's an utter steal. Very pleased indeed.
    The Older Gentleman, Apr 10, 2011
  5. The Older Gentleman

    Mark Olson Guest

    Why, Metzeler ME33 Laser on the front and a 99A Perfect on the rear
    of course... what I always ran on my GPz550 and KZ750E. There's
    probably something better by now- cue Lozzo to praise Maxxis.
    Yep. Primary chain rattle no doubt contributes a lot, and you can quiet it
    down a little by extra-careful carb synch.
    Do the silencers have the raised Kawasaki badges on? I used to joke I loved
    Kawasaki so much I branded my ex-wife's calf muscle with the Kawasaki
    logo (she did it to herself while wearing shorts, the dozy cow).
    Laying down on the tank it will probably touch 130, fasted I ever had my
    KZ750E2 was about an indicated 125, felt plenty fast for that bike.
    I am quite officially jealous now.
    Mark Olson, Apr 10, 2011
  6. Ta for that.
    No, only the very early twin-shock bikes had those. At least, here.
    Yes, I can imagine. Old-skool bikes always felt faster than they were. I
    remember my Kawasaki 500 triple had the knack of making 75-80mph feel
    like the ton.
    Well, I've just lubed and adjusted the chain, and had a poke under the
    seat and behind the side panels, and I've just discovered the original
    owner's handbook is still in its little plastic cubby-hole, under the
    seat. Icing on the cake.
    The Older Gentleman, Apr 10, 2011
  7. The Older Gentleman

    Bob Scott Guest


    Isn't that the answer to every tyre question?

    Picked up my new toy at the weekend - MuZ Skorpion Sport. It's got MEZ1s
    on it; I think I'm in for culture shock, not sure I've ever had to buy
    tyres in sports bike sizes and they look scary expensive after years of
    Bob Scott, Apr 11, 2011
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