Edelweiss bike tours in Europe

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by TimC, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. TimC

    TimC Guest

    Someone here a few months ago asked about Edelweiss tours. I can
    happily report that the company at least in Europe (I believe they
    operate as a franchise, so can't comment about their North American
    operation) are competant and organise a damn fine tour. We endured a
    grand total of 2km of autobahn on the tour - the guides (except for
    the new guide who was there as part of his job interview) knew exactly
    where to take us to avoid the bad roads and enjoy the good roads.

    The hotels are all good. Nice being able to ride through snow and
    rain and know that at the end of the day, your bags are already
    sitting next to your bed, and the shower is not going to be a plumbing
    disaster in some third rate hotel. The bikes are all near new, but
    hopefully already run in (not that you care about that when it's
    someone elses bike).

    It's kinda pricey, but then again, so is 2 weeks of bike rental, 2
    weeks of hotels and food (in fact, a few of us were wondering how they
    do it so cheap. I haven't added up the bills from my other 4 weeks of
    holiday, but I suspect they came out worse!). And when you DIY, you
    don't get a support van and spare bike; you have to make sure
    everything fits in your panniers, and you probably don't have decades
    of cumulative experience in finding the best riding roads.

    Now, the drawbacks:

    They're advertised big in America. Virtually nowhere else (although
    Europeans seem to know about their north american tours). I found out
    about the company when they put 1 ad in one magazine for their "ducati
    experience" tours. I went on their website and realised they
    organised a shit-load more. So when I got the initial list of
    participants on my tour, I realised their were 2 Australians including
    myself, and 10 Americans. In reality, 3 other Australians signed up
    late, so it wasn't a disaster, but all but 2 of the Americans were of
    the really loud, rich (and owned their own private jets) annoying
    kind. Who had retired and couldn't ride bikes safely anymore. Just
    keep well back from them when they inevitably end up on the wrong side
    of the road around a blind hairpin. Some of them, despite their
    skills, insisted on pushing to the front of the group after every stop

    Our tour had no bad accidents (just a nervous nelly stopping
    unexpectedly when he got spooked by a bus, causing the following rider
    to sideswipe him - don't forget how wide your panniers are!). The
    following tour on the same route had 2 bad accidents.

    My photos and videos are trickling in over at:



    TimC, Jul 17, 2011
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  2. Watching loud obnoxious Americans crash and stelvio pass. Sounds bloody
    awesome. I am super jealous.

    Fraser Johnston, Jul 19, 2011
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  3. TimC

    TimC Guest

    Pffft. Stelvio is overrated as a riding road. That backside is nice though.

    Col d'Izoard, the old Gottardpass, Sustenpass (and every other damn
    pass around Andermatt) and a bunch of other passes too numerous to
    remember (haven't gone through all my photos yet) were far better.
    You *should* be jealous. :)
    TimC, Jul 19, 2011
  4. TimC

    Marty H Guest

    could not have said it better myself :p

    the Sustenpass... if its possible to make love to road...I did

    Marty H, Jul 20, 2011
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