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Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by wessie, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Given that it is always the state who wants to take our money for this
    little exercise isn't it about time we started wondering if the feckless,
    the centrally stupid and the state are not separate entities as the
    feckless the centrally stupid and the state would have you believe but in
    fact are one and the same thing and the responsibility for everything
    falls squarely upon them and that allowing those who run it to walk away
    scott free with an OBE and a very handsome pension every 5 years is not
    the way for us to manage our affairs with any degree of consumer

    [1] The thing about the fire brigades regional centres which is hot news
    yesterday springs to mind. How much are you taxpayers paying because one
    nasty fat **** thinks another nasty fat **** is a nasty fat **** and
    doesn't give a flying **** who gets hurt as long as he proves his point
    and the even fatter cunts who buy his lunches in the Square Mile look on
    and applaud?
    steve auvache, Jun 12, 2011
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  2. wessie

    Cab Guest

    I'd rather be a coal miner or factory worker than working in Telesales.
    What a god forsaken job.
    Cab, Jun 12, 2011
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  3. And this figure gives an income of 60% of national average.

    Not what most people expect 'poverty' to mean really.

    Which sort of destroys the arguments about poverty since people don't
    take them seriously when you claim 1 in 4 live in poverty since poverty
    isn't serious deprivation.

    Start giving figures about *real* poverty- malnourished, no/limited
    heating in winter etc. etc. and maybe people will take it more seriously
    than today where poverty apparently means no Sky Sports subscription so
    dad has to go down the pub to watch the football...
    stephen.packer, Jun 12, 2011
  4. 40 years ago when I spent a few months on shift working on the line
    fitting the bit on the front of the escort chassis what holds the lights
    was about the same time in history when we would have been taken to task
    by the lesbians for torturing the murdering micks had there have been any
    lesbians back then. The torture consisted, in part, of a combination of
    poor diet, disturbed sleep patterns, sensory deprivation, physical
    restraint and stimulation by white noise and flashing lights. A torture
    regime enjoyed by 5 thousand of us every day in Dagenham alone and not at
    all dissimilar from that which we inflicted on our guests in the H blocks,

    I had a fair bit of time to think about this sort of thing as I pulled my
    spot welding gun backwards and forwards along it's 5 yards of track while
    I did the same 14 spot welds as I did every other 1 minute and 8
    seconds[1] during my 8 hour shift and I can see the advantages of
    telesales over building escorts although I have no experience at all of
    the former.

    [1] average, depending on if they were doing 57 or 59 cars and hour.
    steve auvache, Jun 12, 2011
  5. wessie

    boots Guest

    That must make #2 very impoverished then since she's been knocked down
    once on a crossing and punted of the back of my bike.
    boots, Jun 12, 2011
  6. wessie

    Hog. Guest

    I can't disagree with any of your contribution to this thread but the
    discussion is missing, as it has been out in the wider world, is that the
    rest of the world has woken up. Even our relative advantages of education,
    old money and infrastructure are being degraded at an astonishing rate. What
    people will have to do and for what and what sort of social benefits can be
    expected will be driven by what the workers of South America, China and
    India expect. Which means a severe dose of the shits here. The world is
    changing quite suddenly faster than anyone could have imagined.

    The so called left have their heads buried so deeply in the shite of their
    own making they can't see it coming. Can't see that everyone needs to do
    their bit or STFU and shuffle off quietly. That without an overwhelming
    culture of invention, innovation, imagination, mobility and Can Do there
    won't be a dime left for the less able and fortunate. It's not like we
    don't have a map for what's happening, it's just the mirror image of
    Brittania coming up with the Industrial Revolution.
    Hog., Jun 12, 2011
  7. wessie

    Hog. Guest

    Failing to pump carbon monoxide through a concealed pipe in the adjoining
    Hog., Jun 12, 2011
  8. wessie

    Hog. Guest

    Defining poverty as an income gap is where it all goes wrong. Poverty isn't
    relative it's an absolute. I'm sure we have both witnessed actual poverty
    I doubt there are many children in the UK living in actual poverty. Most who
    are, I suspect, are put there and held there against any available help by
    feckless parents.

    No child in this country should be allowed to fall that low.
    Hog., Jun 12, 2011
  9. wessie

    wessie Guest

    wrote in
    based on what evidence? Sample size of 2 UKRMers?
    Where have you sourced this? Sample size of 2 UKRMers?
    Irrelevant. Absolute poverty is not a measure used by the current
    governments in Westminster or Cardiff. Policy, and loads of rhetoric, is
    based on the *relative* poverty definition as used by Tony Blair in his
    1999 speech where he made a pledge to eliminate *relative* child poverty
    by 2020.

    If you want that definition of child poverty altered to only include
    those in *absolute* poverty then you have some lobbying to do. Good luck
    in your quest. Should be a piece of cake: after all, most people agree
    with you. Apparently.
    wessie, Jun 13, 2011
  10. Bwaaahahahahahaha!

    Thanks. That explains *everything*. :))
    The Older Gentleman, Jun 13, 2011
  11. wessie

    Tim Guest

    You are a troll.
    Tim, Jun 13, 2011
  12. wessie

    wessie Guest

    (The Older Gentleman) wrote in
    I didn't believe him either
    Well it does give a clear *aspiration* by which the outcomes of any
    future policy will be measured against, until another politician has the
    balls to come out and say they don't give a shit about relatively poor
    people or sets another equally unachievable target. Perhaps you should
    run for office and tell people straight?
    wessie, Jun 13, 2011
  13. wessie

    Stephen Guest

    I think the phrase is anecdotal evidence. Several UKRM contributions,
    articles in the media etc.

    It's not based on funded research.

    I think the phrase is anecdotal evidence. Several UKRM contributions,
    articles in the media etc.

    It's not based on funded research.
    What has the definition in Westminster or Cardiff got to do with
    people's perception of what poverty is.

    And I know it's been done elsewhere but relative child poverty will
    never be eliminated. Unless everyone is earning the same and spending
    the same it's impossible. It is an utterly pointless aspiration.
    I think most people do. However I don't have any formal proof in the
    form of ridiculously long documents funded at the tax payers teat and
    I'm too busy paying for all this fucking nonsense to take time out to
    do anything as unbalanced as lobby to change the definition of child

    This doesn't however deter me from pointing out you're spouting clap-
    trap when you make spurious claims.
    Stephen, Jun 13, 2011
  14. wessie

    CT Guest

    Let's just clone the good looking 16yo girls then.

    CT, Jun 13, 2011
  15. wessie

    wessie Guest

    Now you're getting it. Narrowing the ever increasing income inequality in
    this country is something I would like to see.
    You could become a professional lobbyist or stand for election and try to
    put everything right, as you see it.
    Allegedly spurious.
    wessie, Jun 13, 2011
  16. wessie

    Hog. Guest

    Yes but it's something that needs doing through corporate regulation and
    inheritance provisions, not via social engineering.
    Hog., Jun 13, 2011
  17. wessie

    M J Carley Guest

    What's the difference?
    M J Carley, Jun 13, 2011
  18. wessie

    wessie Guest

    Isn't any regulation, law or policy social engineering? One way for one
    group of people to control or modify the behaviour of another?

    Or would you call it political engineering as social engineering is
    reserved for the political engineering you disagree with?
    wessie, Jun 13, 2011
  19. wessie

    Hog. Guest

    I'd expect you, of all people, to suss that.

    One is about fairness in the workplace and building a better and more
    efficient corporate environment.
    The other is about ever more taxation and handouts and civil service admin
    and sluicing all down the kharzi.

    One of the best things a large company can do is have transparency of income
    for all employees. And for earnings to be justifiable in relative terms. And
    for everyone to be equally accountable for their actions and effectiveness.

    That's not to say company stakeholders cannot generate much greater wealth,
    but they do it via profits and dividends.
    IMHO all employees should be encouraged to become stakeholders. I thinl it's
    quite vital.

    I also think that pension type and relative provision should be level across
    all the employees and Executive. So if the CEO wants a final salary scheme
    guaranteed if he gets canned, so do all staff.
    Hog., Jun 13, 2011
  20. wessie

    Hog. Guest

    See my reply to MJ
    Hog., Jun 13, 2011
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