Electric rattle guns

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by [email protected], May 13, 2011.

  1. My neighbour's got one, and we used it on the swinging arm pivot of
    the project TS250 recently.

    Anyone else got one, recommend one, etc? My Aldi air compressor has a
    smallish rattle gun, but I don't think it's really got the oomph to
    run a FOAD one, and one of these mains-run jobbies rather appeals.
    [email protected], May 13, 2011
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  2. TOG@Toil

    Tim Guest

    In message
    Are you planning to fill multiple shipping containers with all these
    purchases? ;-)
    Tim, May 13, 2011
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  3. Makita are pretty good.
    steve robinson, May 13, 2011
  4. TOG@Toil

    Beav Guest

    I've not got one myself (had one, binned it, but that was because it was a
    cheap pile of crap) but a pal of mine who owns a(nother) body shop uses them
    exclusively. Cordless and from Snap-On, but fucking wonderful they are.
    Beav, May 13, 2011
  5. How can one buy Snap-On kit in this country, if you're not working in
    a garage or similar? Do you just flag down a passing van or something?

    (I realise that gaining access to Snap-On supplies is an appealing
    idea that neverthless could result in divorce)
    [email protected], May 13, 2011
  6. TOG@Toil

    TW Guest

    Err, www.snapon.co.uk has worked fine for me.
    TW, May 13, 2011
  7. TOG@Toil

    Andy B Guest

    Look at buying a 110v transformer first then you'll get a better choice
    and remember that a foad mains supply impact hammer will smash normal
    sockets to pieces.
    Andy B, May 13, 2011
  8. Doesnt make much difference these days , they all come in 230volt as
    well as 110 volt , although most professional places dont keep much
    230 in stock they can usally get it within 24 hours
    steve robinson, May 13, 2011
  9. TOG@Toil

    Lozzo Guest

    The worst, or possibly best, thing I ever did was ask the Snap-on man
    to start calling in to my workshop. Before then I'd buy tools as I
    needed them when I saw the van parked outside a garage. When he started
    calling at the workshop once a month I started buying tools as I wanted

    Now I'm working in the bike shop again he calls round regularly, and I
    have to proper fight the urge to go and spend all my wages on the van.

    Versys 650 Inter-Continental Hyperbolistic Missile , CBR600F-W racebike
    in the making, TS250C, RD400F (somewhere)
    BMW E46 318iSE (it's a car, not one of those 2-wheeled pieces of shite
    they churn out)
    Lozzo, May 14, 2011
  10. TOG@Toil

    Lozzo Guest

    I buy these because they are more adaptable


    Versys 650 Inter-Continental Hyperbolistic Missile , CBR600F-W racebike
    in the making, TS250C, RD400F (somewhere)
    BMW E46 318iSE (it's a car, not one of those 2-wheeled pieces of shite
    they churn out)
    Lozzo, May 14, 2011
  11. Using the patented Mavis Beacon "Hunt&Peck" Technique, Lozzo
    Wicked Uncle Nigel, May 14, 2011
  12. Heh. Good old TL. Still apposite today.
    The Older Gentleman, May 14, 2011
  13. TOG@Toil

    Tosspot Guest

    I'm a big fan, but my favourite is So Long Mom.

    So long, mom,
    I’m off to drop the bomb,
    So don’t wait up for me.
    But while you swelter
    Down there in your shelter,
    You can see me
    On your tv.

    Which I thought summed up 21st century life.
    Tosspot, May 14, 2011
  14. TOG@Toil

    Monkey Guest

    Others have recommended Makita, and I'd add my voice to that. I've got one
    of these: http://www.toolstop.co.uk/makita-td0101f-impact-driver-240v-p6829
    (a driver, rather than a wrench - similar idea but mainly designed for
    screws), which is great for lighter-duty stuff, but doesn't really have the
    torque for things like wheelnuts, so probably not what you're looking for.

    If you decide to go cordless, don't touch anything with less than 14.4V, and
    preferably go for an 18V one - the lower voltages just don't have the power
    / stamina for anything but the most basic jobs.
    Monkey, May 14, 2011
  15. TOG@Toil

    Beav Guest

    I've no idea TOG, but having a friendly Snap-On bloke come to out place
    every week, if you're interested, I can get one and you can pay me. I'll ask
    about his prices first mind.
    It can, coz they never want all the money at one time. We have a standing
    order thing with our man so we pay him whether we owe him or not, so if
    something pr0ny cums along, we can be in the position where we're in front
    wrt payments and just get it. That's probably why we've got 3 Snap-On D/A's
    and two of them need special sized discs which are too expensive to buy off
    the man. One "normal" sized does make 3 "specials" though and the normal
    ones are available from our other man.
    Beav, May 14, 2011
  16. TOG@Toil

    Thomas Guest

    Did somebody say free samples? Where?
    Thomas, May 14, 2011
  17. Actually, there are two or three I see around this neighbourhood. Next
    time I see the, I'll just bang on the door and ask.

    At least two are owned by people called Auletta - I'd guess at a
    father/son team.

    <Googles> Well, one's close to me, it seems.
    The Older Gentleman, May 14, 2011
  18. TOG@Toil

    Beav Guest

    If you can verify your address, they may even open an account for you. Mind
    ewe, that really *can* get expensive, particularly when the cunts give you a
    "specials" catalogue. On the flip side though, the same catalogue can give
    you a heart attck when you see the prices of some of their stuff.
    Get in there man, but the offer still stands if they won't play ball.
    Beav, May 15, 2011
  19. It's worth checking the US site for prices too if you have a friend in
    the States. Snap on ratcheting screwdriver here are Aus$155 in America
    Aus$50. I don't know how they get away with it. Thank god for ebay.

    Fraser Johnston, May 25, 2011
  20. TOG@Toil

    Thomas Guest

    I don't think I want to go anywhere near a SnapOn dealer, even as a
    middle man. My wallet would get sucked into the vortex.
    Thomas, May 25, 2011
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