Erm, TOG....could he talking about you?

Discussion in 'Classic Motorbikes' started by Oldbloke, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. Oldbloke

    Oldbloke Guest

    Oldbloke, Jan 24, 2004
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  2. Looks that way....

    At least he's now being more complete with the description. Except that
    he still doesn't mention that *everything*, including the engine, is
    actually off a much later model. In essence, an entire 1979 bike has
    been built onto a 1976 frame. And this he was told.

    And the engine and chassis numbers would indeed match the logbook if
    this had been done and the changes registered.

    Omitting details like that, when you've discovered that this is indeed
    the case, makes it well dodgy in my book.

    I mean, I can understand a 1979 bike being written off in a crunch, but
    a prang bad enough to write off the frame would have destroyed almost
    everything else, and very late GT125s are super- super-rare in the UK.

    (x-posted to upce)
    The Older Gentleman, Jan 24, 2004
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