Errr, that's not what you've been saying for the past 10 years. . . . . .

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by Exit, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. Exit

    Exit Guest

    Exit, Apr 5, 2004
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  2. In, Exit said:
    Do I win a prize for guessing that the camera in that picture is in
    Millbank facing north?
    Whinging Courier, Apr 5, 2004
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  3. Exit

    Christofire Guest

    Simian posted:
    Why? What, in your opinion, makes them so unreliable?
    True, but it's not what's been said on "driver education" adverts and in
    the general message to the public about speed. Unfortunately, many
    people either can't be bothered or don't have the time to go and check
    the figures that may back up or disprove the information that's doled
    out in easy-to-understand sound bites.

    All the people outside of ukrm that I've talked to about the speeding
    issue have been surprised to find out that the DOT's figures show what
    they do.
    Christofire, Apr 5, 2004
  4. Exit

    HooDooWitch Guest

    <fx: looks around for UKRM presentations committee>


    <fx: lobs Courier an "antique" copy of Birmingham A-Z (pages 2-47
    only, showing proposed M6 motorway)>

    Here' ya go, now **** off.
    HooDooWitch, Apr 5, 2004
  5. Exit

    Chris H Guest

    Yup. When they put 'safety' camera vans on the A46 in Warwickshire, you
    have to watch out for drivers changing lanes without signalling or
    looking. This almost culminated in a side swipe from a cage last week
    when she moved out to lane 2 for no other reason than there was one of
    the Janitor's new toys parked in a layby. I noted that she was also
    wearing what looked like 'over the ear' walkman style headphones. So no
    point in going for the horn because she couldn't hear me. She only
    noticed me as I reached over and knocked on her side window.
    Chris H, Apr 5, 2004
  6. I have been enjoying the recent radio 'campaign': "How well you know the
    road has nothing to do with how fast it is safe to ride"... (+ others in a
    similar vein)
    Using the same logic, if safety is the main concern, you could say: "The
    speed limit has nothing to do with how fast it is safe to drive"...

    [email protected]
    Matt \(IS Team\), Apr 5, 2004
  7. In, HooDooWitch said:

    " I'd like to thank my friends, my family and anyone else who thought
    riding bikes was a good idea. I'd also like to thank Graham at
    Connection couriers for bringing to my attention that not all companies
    are bad. When he ever pegs it, I'd like to send him a two wheeled beemer
    in the sky"

    <exits stage left with A-Z and a large shandy>
    Whinging Courier, Apr 5, 2004
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