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Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by Dave Emerson, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Dave Emerson

    Dave Emerson Guest

    Following the closure of the Motorcycle Maintenance Workshop and recognising
    that we are no longer doing this from home either, we're auctioning off the
    collection of bike manuals. Most of these go back to the 70's and 80's and
    are out of print. Take a look at
    http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZdave_paulineQQhtZ-1 if you are
    interested. Listings finish today.
    Dave Emerson, Mar 13, 2011
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  2. A Spik will be along shortly with an offer involving his sister.
    steve auvache, Mar 13, 2011
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  3. Dave Emerson

    Lozzo Guest

    Which sister? I have many, all different ages, shapes and sizes.

    Take your pick, I'll only miss the younger one so go easy on her.

    Versys 650 Inter-Continental Hyperbolistic Missile , CBR600F-W racebike
    in the making, TS250C, RD400F (somewhere)
    BMW E46 318iSE (it's a car, not one of those 2-wheeled pieces of shite
    they churn out)
    Lozzo, Mar 13, 2011
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