failed my test

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by Shaun Van Poecke, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    Went in to do my 5 questions yesterday and failed, you have to get 4 out of
    5 and i got 2 wrong. The two questions i got wrong were (not verbatim);

    What is the legal way to park a motorcycle without a sidecar;
    a)parallel to the kerb
    b)within one metre of the kerb
    c) with one wheel as near as practicable to the kerb

    When can the holder of a motorcycle license carry a pillion passenger?
    b)after having held their license for 6 months
    c)after having held their license for 1 year

    Shaun Van Poecke, Sep 4, 2007
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  2. Shaun Van Poecke

    JL Guest

    Well in NSW the answers would be c and c, but I suspect that you've
    maybe misrepresented the second question unless they've changed the
    rules - in QLD it used to be a fully licenced rider could be a pillion
    at any time (and in fact it was mandatory to be supervised either by a
    pillion or another fully licenced motorcyclist on a bike IIRC)

    JL, Sep 4, 2007
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  3. Shaun Van Poecke

    VTR250 Guest

    Agree with JL: C & C (in Victoria)

    One thing I noticed when I did my test last October: a lot of people
    (like everybody else, 12 or so) worked through the questions and
    handed the answers in before their time was up without scoring 100%...
    as if they were never taught how to take a test. The way to get a
    *really* high score in any test, if that's what you want, is to answer
    the questions, and then use *all* of the extra time going over all of
    the questions a second time (to make sure you haven't misread) and
    again, a third time concentrating on the ones you're not quite sure
    about. Only stop going through your answers again and again when
    either a) you would stake money on a perfect score, or b) you have run
    out of time. It might sound silly, but it could even save you
    money ;-)
    VTR250, Sep 4, 2007
  4. Shaun Van Poecke

    Biggus..... Guest

    The way to get a *really* high score in any test, if that's what you want, is to answer the questions, and then use *all* of the extra time going over all of
    no it isnt.. thats the best way to start doubting yourself. Oh maybe
    that could be B or D or F shit..
    Biggus....., Sep 4, 2007
  5. Shaun Van Poecke

    JL Guest

    Like everything I doubt there is a single rule that works for

    VTR's method works best if you're better at memorising (or had more
    study time) than you are at comprehension particularly for multi
    guess. (The errors that would be resolved in the above checking would
    tend to be the "I knew the answer I misread the question" type

    Biggus' method works best for those who tend to the reverse - strong
    comprehension skills but relatively poorer topic knowledge.

    Neither method is likely to be optimal for short answer or essay
    questions :)
    (Optimal for written is usually to divide time by marks and
    religiously stick to the allocated time for each question regardless
    of whether you are finished it or not, exceptions like knowing utterly
    nothing about one of the questions are of course ignored ;-)

    (still a (part time) student, probably always will be one; till I die
    anyway :-/ )
    JL, Sep 5, 2007
  6. Shaun Van Poecke

    JL Guest

    <puzzled look> It's just a rebadged LLM (same subject choices). It's
    the USyd M.B.L - you looking at the right one ? Almost done now

    Now the question is, what's a doctoral thesis that incorporates IT
    outsourcing, contract/corporate law and economics/finance. Over to the
    ausmoto brains trust ??
    Well it'd depend on quality of life wouldn't it - if you're still able
    to go for a blat up the old rd then I think being a 112 would be fine.
    If you're a drooling mess with no control over bodily functions then
    yeah probably better off dead.

    JL, Sep 6, 2007
  7. In on Wed, 05 Sep 2007 16:46:09 -0700
    "Doctorate in selling your soul to EDS"

    Zebee Johnstone, Sep 6, 2007
  8. Shaun Van Poecke

    JL Guest

    I think that's called a lobotomy not a doctorate

    JL, Sep 6, 2007
  9. Shaun Van Poecke

    JL Guest

    :) Thanks Mr Twain.
    Yeah but it can be good if you do it right - one of my lecturers does
    about 40hrs of lectures a semester and the rest is as a consultant to
    freehills and jetting around to speak at conferences. Nt too bad.

    (dunno if i'd ever do it though)
    JL, Sep 6, 2007
  10. Shaun Van Poecke

    will_s Guest

    no fucking idea
    <d> is the answer
    will_s, Sep 7, 2007
  11. Shaun Van Poecke

    Knobdoodle Guest

    Not quite. As discussed in another thread a learner can carry a fully
    licensed [2 yrs] rider as a pillion but after they get their licence they
    then cannot for the next 12 months (unless it's recently changed. A few
    rules concerning learner and provisional riders/drivers have)
    Knobdoodle, Sep 9, 2007
  12. Shaun Van Poecke

    JL Guest

    It's not the only one, you also have the UNE "Juris Doctor" which I'm
    enrolled in to start next year (but I'll be doing it a lot slower than
    the MBL). And UWS.

    I think ANU had one too (distance or local options for both UNE and

    UNE had the advantage they'd give me exemptions against the MBL
    Yeah. So like I said. I need a creative thesis area that I can wrap
    together the things I'm interested in....

    Indeed, but first I have to work out what to write about (and I always
    struggle with that bit)
    Indeed !! <points to extremely obscure crossover point between 3
    disparate disciplines> If I can't find a niche at that nexus there's
    something seriously wrong !
    <boggle> Oh the options !!!

    JL, Sep 10, 2007
  13. Shaun Van Poecke

    JL Guest

    OK, that's possible
    ooops too late for that
    WAAAYYY too late for that ! Like I ever had a choice. (But my
    grandfather is 95 and still kicking - not in an old folks home yet)

    errm hell, well I'm thinking I'll be ok on the first part but not the
    second. Might be an idea to buy a trike I guess.

    JL, Sep 10, 2007
  14. In on Sun, 09 Sep 2007 21:04:46 -0700
    The obvious is that it's about oursourcing/offshoring and an economic
    and legal issue involving same.

    Perhaps something about what happens if your outsourcer outsources?
    Been a few cases about medical records to do with that. Is it more
    common in offshore outsourcers and are the legal ramifications
    different to onshore outsourcers?

    I presume you don't wanna get into industrial relations law :)

    Zebee Johnstone, Sep 10, 2007
  15. In on Sun, 09 Sep 2007 21:07:05 -0700
    Good start. Less good if all the others kicked it at 60.
    I used to say "at least my elbows are OK!"

    Now I have a right elbow that is very much less than OK. I'll be OK
    in old age as long as they have a cure for arthritis I guess.

    Zebee Johnstone, Sep 10, 2007
  16. Shaun Van Poecke

    Theo Bekkers Guest

    My granddad died at 96 and my dad's still living at home by himself at 93,
    so I don't think it's genes that's going to kill me.

    Theo Bekkers, Sep 10, 2007
  17. Shaun Van Poecke

    JL Guest

    His wife is still kicking along OK at 88. My maternal grnadmother is
    still alive - no idea her age 80's ? Maternal grandfather is deceased
    - he was 80 odd when he went though. Genes there are fine I think.
    Well, *one* of my elbows is Ok... (for fairly loose values of OK)
    I'm up to 22 broken bones I think at the last count (been a while
    since I've done one I think that's right) so yeah arthritis is going
    to suck...

    JL, Sep 10, 2007
  18. Shaun Van Poecke

    bikerbetty Guest

    Holy dooley - that's a lot of broken bones. Someone with more medical nouse
    than I would be more authoritative - but I'm not so sure that the broken
    bones will increase your arthriticalness <grin> much anyway unless you have
    a predisposition. (Well, from my understanding of arthritis anyway - and
    mine's not bad enough for me to be, touch wood, but I have some arthritis in
    my spine - it seems to run (hobble?) in my family. And I tell you what -
    the soft tissue damage to my knee, 10 months after my prang, is so far FAR
    more painful than the arthritis anyway!

    Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints - I wouldn't have thought a
    broken bone would encourage arthritis unless you have a predisposition to it
    (perhaps if the break is on a joint?) Geez, I don't know....

    One of my grandads, who spent the last 15 years of his life on a walking
    frame, crippled by arthritis, had never broken a bone in his body...

    bikerbetty, Sep 10, 2007
  19. Shaun Van Poecke

    bikerbetty Guest

    LOL, don't underestimate me, Johno petal..... neither rain nor snow nor
    arthritis will deter me from my witching/wenching duties at PI.<snigger>

    Actually, arthritis seems to fit the Witch mode pretty well, hee hee!
    Doesn't sit quite so easily with the Wench role, does it? But never you
    mind, dear..... I'll witch/wench and smile..... cos you blokes aren't that
    bad (despite what everybody says!). Jodz, feel free to contradict me, hee

    bikerbetty, Sep 10, 2007
  20. Shaun Van Poecke

    JL Guest

    Mmm sounding interesting, this is good.
    Errr no ! :=) Not particularly. I don't have a problem with touching on
    it,but not as primary content.

    JL, Sep 10, 2007
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