fer those that raise pigs 0r HOG

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by Zeb Johnson, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Zeb Johnson

    Zeb Johnson Guest

    A young Irishman sitting at a bar with his pet pig
     asks for a couple of drinks. The confused bartender 
    said no animals were allowed at the bar. 
    The man proceeded to say,
     "Ah, but this is a very special pig. Just last week there was a 
    fire in the house and that pig came charging out of his pen into
     the house and woke us all up . Then a few days later my son 
    fell into the pool and that pig was grazing out on the lawn, and 
    he came running and jumped into the pool and saved my son."
    "Well " said the bartender "I guess this pig is very special
     so  I'll get him a drink. By the way I noticed that he is 
    missing one leg, what happened? "
     "Well said the young Irishman, when you 
    got a pig this good you don't eat him all at once !!!"
    Zeb Johnson, Mar 11, 2011
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