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Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by Porl, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. Porl

    Porl Guest

    Anyone bought a domestic carpet washer? Having made the mistake of buying
    hideously light carpets I'm now in the market for a cleaning device.
    Porl, Jul 29, 2004
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  2. Porl

    Ash Guest

    I've got one but never use it. Mine is a Bissell and makes a right racket.
    It seems to pick up lots of dirty water, but I wouldn't buy one again. I
    think I would rather employ a pro carpet cleaner to come and do the job

    Ash, Jul 29, 2004
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  3. Porl

    Eddie Guest

    We we've got a Vax (upright one, removable water tank thingy on the back
    if you wanted to use it as a normal vacuum cleaner), which seemed to do
    a pretty good job.
    Eddie, Jul 29, 2004
  4. Porl

    simonk Guest

    You can rent them from Hombase, I think they're about £20 for a weekend.
    They're pretty good, but the fucker is you'll have to do all your carpets -
    if you just do the dirty bit(s), you'll end up with an unnaturally clean
    patch that stands out even more
    simonk, Jul 29, 2004
  5. Porl

    darsy Guest

    I think we have one, but never used it since almost all of the house
    is either stripped and polished floorboards, parquet, or sea-grass
    (which you're not supposed to get wet).
    darsy, Jul 29, 2004
  6. Porl

    Porl Guest

    You could sell it to me on a trial-first basis.
    Porl, Jul 29, 2004
  7. Porl

    Porl Guest

    I don't have a car so rental is out unless they deliver and pickup
    Porl, Jul 29, 2004
  8. Porl

    Porl Guest

    It washes as well as just picks up filth? What model is it?
    Porl, Jul 29, 2004
  9. Porl

    Porl Guest

    It's a washer right? Not just a vacuum for water? Why would you use a pro
    next time?
    Porl, Jul 29, 2004
  10. Porl

    Ben Guest

    My mum bought a Vax about ten years ago. Decided it was way to much
    like hard work to use to wash carpets and now it's just used as a
    vacuum cleaner.
    Ben, Jul 29, 2004
  11. Porl

    darsy Guest

    I might have imagined it, or it might have been borrowed from someone
    - I haven't seen it in ages. I'll have a look later.
    darsy, Jul 29, 2004
  12. Porl

    simonk Guest

    You could try Shake-n-Vac ...
    simonk, Jul 29, 2004
  13. Porl

    Eddie Guest

    "upright one"

    I dunno, we bought it about 9 years ago. Looking at the website, they no
    longer appear to do uprights that vacuum *and* wash.

    My Mam had/has one of the (old) cylinder ones, and they still do
    something similar to that.
    Eddie, Jul 29, 2004
  14. Porl

    Stonge Guest

    Just get a mate to sit pillion the wrong way and carry it for you - its
    amazing what you can carry.
    Stonge, Jul 29, 2004
  15. karcher but they're expensive but then they work too.

    you can hire them from HSS -

    one day: £21.00
    weekend: £26.25
    week: £42.00

    (replace spam with nickname to reply)


    Triumph 955iSS / GSF600 bandit
    Adrienne M Jenn, Jul 29, 2004
  16. Porl

    Ace Guest

    We had one that gave up the ghost last year - t'was an electrolux
    which, like the VAXen, acted as a normal vacuum as well.

    Add shampoo to the reservoir, attach the special cleaning head, and it
    pumped cleaning fluid into carpets (or whatever) and sucked it back
    out again.

    Easy and giving quite good results.
    Ace, Jul 29, 2004
  17. Porl

    Molly Guest

    I bought a Hoover one, brilliant it is. It's also got an attachment
    for cleaning upholstery.
    Molly, Jul 29, 2004
  18. Porl

    Ash Guest

    It's a washer right? Not just a vacuum for water? Why would you use a pro
    Yeah a washer. It has a container which you put water and chemicals in which
    gets fed into the carpet and the vacuum part sucks it up again into another

    Carpets never really looked much cleaner after using it.

    Ash, Jul 29, 2004
  19. Porl

    Porl Guest

    Good -oh. How about you have a queek peek to see which model it is.
    Porl, Jul 29, 2004
  20. Porl

    Champ Guest

    Don't be daft. All the floor space in your house is covered in
    rubbish - you can't even see the carpets.
    Champ, Jul 29, 2004
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