FOAK:"ICF" seems to be blocking WiFi HotSpots, but on a Win 2000 laptop !!!

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by Antonio, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Antonio

    Antonio Guest

    I have a continuation of a problem I have been experiencing getting to
    roaming WiFi spots, which I thought sharing here might prove worthwhile.
    I have "Internet Connection Firewall" showing as supposedly enabled on a
    corporate build laptop (custom OEM build up that is unlike any Microsoft
    build) however it is Windows 2000 SP4, IBM T41 using IBM Access Connections

    The OEM type build which is company specific seems to do a gold-plated job
    of fucking up our ability to use standard software by setting a "company
    standard" in a computer build e.g missing certain components that would be
    useful, it does tend to conflict with many interests and this may be one of

    The affect of this firewall seems to be blocked pings when in the prescence
    of a WiFi hotspot, and perhaps therefore related to problems with DNS that
    affect ability to access the hotspot. (Compared to a working one which is
    not IBM/not deployed using the same mechanisms).

    The problems I have are getting any kind of web name resolution.
    But I have tried the IP also, and no joy - its seems that the "brick wall",
    indicated as "ICF:Enabled" on the IBM Access Connections (proprietary
    utility for WiFi - supposedly "gold standard") is likely to play some part
    in this.
    All other non IBM machines of a different build nature, are all tested fine
    (Toshes, actually).

    I was wondering if anyone had seen similar?
    I have a virus firewall which was turned off, made no difference even after
    I wonder if the developers of our OEM Windows build or patches for it have
    deployed some "aspect" of the built in firewall without any control over it,
    since I can't find any way to disable it and thus get to the Wireless
    Hotspot authentication web pages on this machine for most types of hotspots.

    If anyone has come across this and could offer comment and perhaps
    workarounds I would be most grateful.
    I am already having to consider automatic dns settings on adapters, turning
    off proxy so its becoming rather a ball ache to be honest.

    Thanks all, I think I would be so overjoyed to get this problem sorted (its
    cost me in my personal time and expenses already, let alone companies) that
    there ought to be some mention of beer money in it for the right answer.
    Antonio, Apr 27, 2006
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  2. Antonio

    Antonio Guest

    The problems dont seem to be due to the OEM windows build, or specific to
    IBM's s/w.

    I can get it working without F/W if I install a standard Windows 2000Sp4 and
    then the IBM utilities.
    The challenge is to find out what service packs or s/w could be screwing it
    up ? I know it was installed with the SP4 rollup and a host of other
    updates...and Trend antivirus which I did try uninstalling but made no
    Antonio, Apr 30, 2006
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