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Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by Kiran, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. Kiran

    Kiran Guest

    I need a new laptop, only for basic office stuff, surfing and email

    But need/want something light, and not one of these 15.4 widescreen
    bricks that seem to be so popular. Had a Dell Inspiron 600 recently but
    that weighed a ton, and battery life was pretty crap.

    So what else good is out there? I had a look at the decent Thinkpads,
    but they seem pretty expensive, and I only want to spend around £600.
    14" screen will be fine, and don't really want a Celeron processor one.
    DVD/CDRW ok too, and presumably I'd want 512mb of Ram as a minimum.
    Don;t case too much about graphics, as it won't be playing games.

    Two that spring to mind are Samsung's X06 and a Toshiba Portege s100.

    Any suggestions?


    Kiran, Mar 2, 2006
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  2. Kiran

    flash Guest

    I might be able to steal him one on my way out.
    flash, Mar 2, 2006
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  3. Kiran

    darsy Guest

    if you can't afford the Thinkpad, get the Samsung.

    Though when you knock it off the desk and it smashes to pieces, you'll
    wish you'd paid more for the Thinkpad.

    Why can't your pikey employers provide you with a work laptop anyway?

    Make up some business case, like "need laptop to work from home" or
    some such bollocks - worked for me.
    darsy, Mar 2, 2006
  4. Kiran

    elyob Guest

    I'll have one, someone broke into my flat on Tuesday and stole mine. They
    must have slipped the lock as they didn't kick the door in. The insurance is
    refusing to pay out. Cunts.
    elyob, Mar 2, 2006
  5. Kiran

    flash Guest

    Ok, so that as many laptops as I can carry, probably take some pens, maybe
    the water cooler and a pair of scissors to key the director's car on the way

    Anyone else want something?
    flash, Mar 2, 2006
  6. Kiran

    dwb Guest

    With your requirements above, why not?
    dwb, Mar 2, 2006
  7. Kiran

    elyob Guest

    Post-it's, obviously.
    elyob, Mar 2, 2006
  8. Kiran

    TOG Guest

    elyob wrote:

    I'm supposed to be go to Colombia in three weeks time, to gather
    material (written and photographic) for a supplement we're publishing
    on the country.

    Our travel insurers are beefing because I'm taking an iBook worth a
    grand and a few grands' worth of camera kit. All my own equipment,
    incidentally - not the firm's.

    Trying to explain through the company to the insco that journalists do
    travel, and that when they travel they habitually carry cameras and
    laptops, and trying to explain also that if they nix it and I don't go,
    then the (lucrative) supplement doesn't get published is *doing my
    bloody head in*.

    Inscos are bastards.
    TOG, Mar 2, 2006
  9. Kiran

    Kiran Guest

    Damn. I've already wrriten this once but managed to send to to you by
    mail rather than the group. Anyway, I can easily afford a £1500
    Thinkpad but it seems a complete waste when I won't use its full
    capabilities. Oh, and it's pig ugly. The Samsung looked sort of decent
    for about £650 IIRC.
    Well, I've had a cheap and cheerful Dell Latitude for the last 4 years
    and that was fine. This is just for home use btw.
    No business need. they pay for my broadband, and we get full access to
    work network from home. Would only need a lappy when going abroad, and
    even then, I can get IT to give me one. If I said I needed a laptop,
    they'll try and throw a Blackberry at me instead, which I've already

    Kiran, Mar 2, 2006
  10. Kiran

    Krusty Guest

    A cute secretary would be good ta.

    Off-road classifieds

    '02 MV Senna '03 Tiger (FOYRNB) '96 Tiger '79 Fantic 250
    Krusty, Mar 2, 2006
  11. Kiran

    Kiran Guest

    Well, you may be right. But Celerons are the budget end, I haven't seen
    any light, decent laptops that don't have a Centrino chip.

    Kiran, Mar 2, 2006
  12. Kiran

    simonk Guest

    <[email protected]>; <>; <>
    wrote in message
    Just buy a load of fruit, coffee beans and white powdery substances from the
    local shop, then nip up to Kew Gardens and take photos of it all with the
    foliage as a backdrop.

    You could persuade an olive-skinned acquaintance to put on a wide-brimmed
    straw hat and pose with some bananas for added realism.
    simonk, Mar 2, 2006
  13. Kiran

    ginge Guest

    Sounds more like you're trying to get him arrested as a 419 scammer.
    ginge, Mar 2, 2006
  14. Kiran

    Kiran Guest

    Well, you may be right. But Celerons are the budget end, I haven't seen
    any light, decent laptops that don't have a Centrino chip.

    Kiran, Mar 2, 2006
  15. Kiran

    Ace Guest


    ..'_/_|_\_'. Ace (brucedotrogers a.t rochedotcom)
    \`\ | /`/ GSX-R1000K3
    `\\ | //' BOTAFOT#3, SbS#2, UKRMMA#13, DFV#8, SKA#2
    Ace, Mar 2, 2006
  16. Kiran

    ginge Guest

    Uhmm Kiran, the new Celeron M's do have support for the Centrino
    instruction sets, and lower power requirements than the Pentium M.

    The main difference is they've got a smaller on-chip cache, which makes
    sod all difference, and run at 400Mhz FSB rather than 533.. again no
    real issue, cause lower clock speeds help with power saving.
    ginge, Mar 2, 2006
  17. Kiran

    simonk Guest

    It's still got the stain of pikeydom, though
    simonk, Mar 2, 2006
  18. Kiran

    Greybeard Guest

    The Office Bike will do nicely, Taa. :eek:)


    FLHRCI -01 UK ( 95 cu-in Stg 2. Big Boy!)
    Trumpet Trophy 1200 -96, (The Barge) for rainy days

    [email protected][dot]co[dot]uk

    *** Free account sponsored by ***
    *** Encrypt your Internet usage with a free VPN account from ***
    Greybeard, Mar 2, 2006
  19. Kiran

    darsy Guest

    The SO has a Samsung (though a lot higher spec than the one you
    mentioned), and it's a nice enough piece of kit. Looks far nicer than
    my Thinkpad; feels about 10% as well built, though. In fact, even my
    pansy-foo-foo iBook feels more solid than the Samsung. But, the
    Samsung's about as well made as any other cheap-ass laptop, and well
    specced for the price.
    What, they let you connect untested computer equipment to your
    corporate LAN? Am-a-toires. Please tell me you're going through a
    secure VPN, and only have abstracted access to your firm's network
    (i.e. Citrix etc.)?
    You need a laptop as opposed to a Blackberry when "going abroad" as you
    so quaintly put it so that you can be working[1] on the Eurostar/plane

    [1] i.e. watching a DVD in reality.
    darsy, Mar 2, 2006
  20. Kiran

    Kiran Guest

    Well, I've got no idea whay all of these things look/feel like. Perhaps
    I should actually go to a computer shop and take a look at a few. Of
    course, the nearest thing is PCWorld and thay have absolute sweet FA
    that looks decent. So that means a trip possibly to TCR, unless there's
    anywhere else half decent in the City.
    Dunno [1]. I assume one of the 60 "numpties" we employ in IT knows what
    they are doing.
    Oh indeed. But they can easily give me a laptop when I travel. [2] [3]

    [1] Actually, it's via the web and I do have some sort of Citrix login
    [2] Which isn't frequently enough to justify a permanent laptop: say 3
    trips to the US and a few to Europe each year.
    [3] Even if I did have a work one, it'd be a shity Dell Latitude one.
    And the desktop designed for us allows no software that is not
    permitted to be installed yada yada. So it's far simpler just to buy my
    own one.

    Kiran, Mar 2, 2006
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