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Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by Champ, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Champ

    Champ Guest

    ...."no alcohol with Metronidazole", does that mean "No, not even a
    glass of wine with your meal"?

    I had a bit of pain from a tooth, and my new dentist [1] thinks it's
    an infection in the gum/root, so I've got a 3 day course of

    [1] an *utterly* drop dead gorgeous polish woman. Somehow, looking up
    into her big blue eyes as she prods about in my gob makes it hurt
    Champ, Jan 8, 2009
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  2. Champ

    Cane Guest

    H is shaking her head here.
    Cane, Jan 8, 2009
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  3. Champ

    Tim Guest

    Your meal may only be a temporary affair then; "Alcohol should be
    avoided because metronidazole and alcohol together can cause severe
    nausea, vomiting, cramps, flushing, and headache. "
    Tim, Jan 8, 2009
  4. Champ

    Rick Guest

    Similarly with a dentist I had a few years back. Pert breats pressing
    against you is an amazingly effective distraction from pain :)
    Rick, Jan 8, 2009
  5. Champ

    Catman Guest

    Bear has the right of it. I was on them recently. They make me feel sick
    without alcohol. With just does not bear thinking about.

    Catman MIB#14 SKoGA#6 TEAR#4 BOTAFOF#38 Apostle#21 COSOC#3
    Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright (Remove rust to reply)
    116 Giulietta 3.0l Sprint 1.7 145 2.0 Cloverleaf 156 V6 2.5 S2
    Triumph Sprint ST 1050: It's blue, see.
    Catman, Jan 8, 2009
  6. Champ

    Alex Ferrier Guest

    Metronidazole is why I wasn't drinking when you and Andy popped
    over for a curry. You know me, it'd have to be a damn good reason
    to keep me from partaking...
    Alex Ferrier, Jan 8, 2009
  7. Champ

    platypus Guest

    If you can't get through 3 days without booze...
    I thought it was the hygienist who did the polish?
    platypus, Jan 8, 2009
  8. Champ

    Alex Ferrier Guest

    4 days. I was advised to give it another 24 hours after the course to
    make sure it had cleared my system.
    Alex Ferrier, Jan 8, 2009
  9. Champ

    Alan Crowder Guest

    Same as last year, fit as hell and her left tit was right on my shoulder,
    lovely and warm she was, no idea what work I had done now.

    Alan Crowder, Jan 8, 2009
  10. Using the patented Mavis Beacon "Hunt&Peck" Technique, steve auvache
    Post adjusted for Champ.
    Wicked Uncle Nigel, Jan 8, 2009
  11. Champ

    Derek Turner Guest

    Chemically similar (I believe) and has almost the same effect as
    'antabuse' (q.v.) which is used in the treatment of alcoholics. In the
    latter case it's /intended/ to make you feel very sick if you drink: with
    metronidazole it's what Microsoft describe as 'a feature'.
    Derek Turner, Jan 8, 2009
  12. Champ

    Snowleopard Guest


    I had an appalling reaction to Metronidazole last year, and that was
    without the alcohol. On top of the near hourly puking (less if I tried
    drinking water, eating was right out), it also made me feel as if
    someone had set my skin on fire. Nothing - calomine lotion, wet
    towels, antihistamine - helped. Apparently if you've taken it before,
    the chances are you'll react badly next time.

    I do know someone who benefitted from the misery though.
    Snowleopard, Jan 8, 2009
  13. Champ

    wessie Guest

    crn posted the same inaccurate response when this topic cropped up a few
    days ago.

    Incidentally, the wiki article on Metronidazole references some peer
    reviewed studies. These suggest that the Antabuse like effects reported are
    not attributable to Metronidazole. One suggests that serotonin-active
    medications or serotonin syndrome may be implicated. footnotes 7,8,9.
    has a list of agents that can cause serotonim syndrome.

    Following on the wiki links, this one
    suggests fags & curries (turmeric) could be implicated....
    wessie, Jan 8, 2009
  14. Champ

    Champ Guest

    Fair enough. It does seem to be the AB of choice for dental issues,
    doesn't it.
    Champ, Jan 9, 2009
  15. Champ

    Ace Guest

    Nor I, but Jude did some research on this at Uni, and concluded that
    the most significant effect of not drinking with antibiotics was that
    you'd a) remember to take them on time and b) not flush them down the
    toilet with the rest of the stomach contents.
    Ace, Jan 9, 2009
  16. Champ

    Catman Guest

    Partially as it's particularly effective against anaerobic bacteria
    AIUI. Last time I looked anyway.

    Deep root infections being rather an oxygen free environment.
    Catman MIB#14 SKoGA#6 TEAR#4 BOTAFOF#38 Apostle#21 COSOC#3
    Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright (Remove rust to reply)
    116 Giulietta 3.0l Sprint 1.7 145 2.0 Cloverleaf 156 V6 2.5 S2
    Triumph Sprint ST 1050: It's blue, see.
    Catman, Jan 9, 2009
  17. Champ

    Derek Turner Guest

    *ding* is the right answer
    Derek Turner, Jan 10, 2009
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