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Discussion in 'Classic Motorbikes' started by Sedgie, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. Sedgie

    Sedgie Guest

    The website is offering free advertising to UK
    businesses for a limited time (until the end of October 2003), active on the
    site for at least three months.

    The site launched over the summer and is gaining trust & popularity (it has
    an anti-spamming policy and abides by the new opt-in laws). In Brief - it
    allows users to register their UK postcode, and up to 10 interests. Then it
    will show who else is into those same interests in the same area. Also it
    will show a user which clubs/organisations also share the same interests in
    the users' locality. Registration & Membership is free.

    The adverts on the site (displayed in the left hand column of the website)
    must be no greater than 146 px wide by 200 px tall.
    (the ads shown currently are taller than this but the ad server system is
    soon to be modified so that adverts can target users' interests and
    optionally a postcode district).

    The file-size of the advert should be no larger than 25Kb and may be either
    a gif or a jpg file.

    Please forward the Ad, and your business details, your desired interests to
    target, whether the Ad is to be targeted Nationally or locally at a specific
    Postcode District (ie the first part of the postcode eg. GU1) , plus a web
    URL if possible to

    Our graphic designer, , can assist in producing a suitable
    advert (from £40 +vat) if required.


    Sedgie, Oct 31, 2003
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