FS: 1982 Yamaha 650 Special, show quality

Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by Tom, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. Tom

    Tom Guest

    FS: 1982 Yamaha 650 Heritage Special (XS650SJ), Near Mint Condition

    You won't be disappointed in this one. Except for some wear on the
    front brake rotor, this motorcycle looks like it just rolled off the
    showroom floor.

    This is not a restored motorcycle. It is all original except for
    battery, hydraulic brake hoses, tires and tubes which I replaced 3
    years ago. (I still have the original brake hoses, tires and tubes
    with mfg dates on them). It is in perfect condition, the closest to a
    new 1982 motorcycle that you will find. None of the rubber or other
    parts that tend to deteriorate show their age. I keep a battery
    tender on it and use synthetic motorcycle oil. It starts right up,
    runs and rides perfectly. No problems at all. I just don't have the
    room to keep it.

    This motorcycle could either be ridden or kept in present condition
    for show. I haven't shown it but I've had many people tell me that it
    is in such remarkable condition that it surely would win best in class
    if shown.

    650cc parallel twin with lots of low-end torque and nearly
    indestructible engine by reputation. Electric and kick start. An
    improvement over the British parallel twins with a better electrical
    system and no engine leaks. Yamaha's best selling model for 7 years,
    being replaced by the 4 cylinder in-line models.

    Beautiful black and chrome with wire wheels and painted black fenders

    $2500 , only 2175 original miles.

    I can deliver up to 100 miles, longer distances are negotiable.

    Photos can be seen and at:

    With the tremendous popularity of this motorcycle, there is a wealth
    of information located at http://www.650motorcycles.com/ I can
    assure you this is the best stock XS650 of the hundreds posted on
    their web site in the images section. Check out
    http://www.650choppers.com/TomDellinger2.html and other XS650 images.

    e-mail for more photos and information
    (817) 602-6417
    Tom, Jul 16, 2005
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