FS Saab cabriolet

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by wessie, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. wessie

    wessie Guest

    Starts on the button

    Electronic roof ideal for posing bastard.

    Gatso resistant number plates.
    wessie, Jun 14, 2011
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  2. The Doctor might very well be interested in that. Details?
    The Older Gentleman, Jun 14, 2011
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  3. wessie

    wessie Guest

    (The Older Gentleman) wrote in
    wait until the 10.05 to Paddington departs and I'll take some pictures
    wessie, Jun 14, 2011
  4. wessie

    ogden Guest

    Does it have a faint whiff of chocolate and paedophilia?
    ogden, Jun 14, 2011
  5. wessie

    wessie Guest

    Yes. But that will soon be masked by the smell from TOG's incontinence
    wessie, Jun 14, 2011
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