FS Triumph Sprint ST 1050

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by Alan Crowder, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. Alan Crowder

    Alan Crowder Guest

    Just on the off chane someone wants one but here goes.

    Jan 2010 Triumph Sprint ST, 4k miles, extra's include top box, hugger,
    scotoiler, heated grips, double bubble black screen, has my private
    plate on which will be removed before sale.

    In the correct colour of course.


    In Oxford


    Alan Crowder, Nov 9, 2010
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  2. Alan Crowder

    Hog Guest

    For an utterly fugly Kawasaki, you had a knock to the head?
    Hog, Nov 9, 2010
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  3. Alan Crowder

    Alan Crowder Guest

    I dunno, i think it's ok, big old lardy tourer, like me i guess.

    Alan Crowder, Nov 9, 2010
  4. Alan Crowder

    wessie Guest

    wessie, Nov 9, 2010
  5. Alan Crowder

    Alan Crowder Guest

    Funnily enough uncle George White wants top dollar for a 2011 bike as
    2010 bikes are "no longer avaliable", and naff all for my bike, if i
    dont sell it I am happy to keep it, does all I want.


    Alan Crowder, Nov 9, 2010
  6. Alan Crowder

    wessie Guest


    part of the sales figures may be to do with a lack of imports by the UK
    arms of the Jap manufacturers. Perhaps they have learnt their lesson after
    the last decade, where they kept pumping out stock and forcing dealers to
    take it, then offering big discounts and 0% deals once it started rusting.

    I know that certain Jap made cars are in very short supply. There's a
    Daihatsu dealer not far from here who is struggling to get stock. Demand
    went up when they won a reliability award but the exchange rate means
    Daihatsu can make a better margin in other markets (China according to this
    blog) http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/2010/11/japanese-importers-the-
    chinese-are-taking-all-our-cars/ or http://tinyurl.com/3y7tgbz
    wessie, Nov 9, 2010
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