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Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by imagineero, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. imagineero

    imagineero Guest

    For Sale,
    1983 honda VF750F in red/white/black color scheme, located near
    dandenong victoria.

    can email pictures if requested.

    Bike has NSW registration just expired, needs very little to pass
    roadworthy. This is a good and very reliable bike i bought it one year
    ago for $2,000 and it has served me well. One month ago while
    commuting to work the chain snapped and cracked one of the small side
    cases on the engine. I have most of a spare engine, so there is a
    replacement part available if you do the work to fix it. I have two
    complete top ends (one for each set of cyllinders) with very good clean
    cams, most of a complete bottom end, spare ignition computers, spare
    set of wheels, spare set of forks and various other miscellaneous
    spares including a starter with a set of brand new brushes, spare set
    of carbs with good rubber on the diaphragms. Basically when i bought
    the bike i was planning to hold on to it for a long time, so i made
    sure i got everything that i could possibly need.

    The bike also comes with a gear rack and gear sack

    The condition of the bike is cosmetically fair to good, there is a very
    small dent in the tank, small enough that i didnt notice it when i
    purchased the bike. All fairings are complete and in average to fair
    condition. The seat is also red and in average condition; not brand
    new, but with no tears or rips at all. It is fitted with an after
    market 4-2 exhaust in gold which matches the rims, not loud enough that
    anyone would notice, but nice sounding.

    The previous owner claims to have replaced the clutch, I cant verify
    this but the clutch is strong with no slippage. During the time i
    owned it i have replaced all the brake discs, they are thick with
    plenty of meat left. I also replaced all the brake pads front and
    rear, plus the fork fluids and seals. I put a new rear tire (metzeller
    lasertec, not laser) on it about 6 months ago. The front will need
    replacing for a roadworthy.

    I have changed the engine oil and filter regularly, and this ia a very
    reliable bike. Even in the crappy cold weather of melbourne it starts
    first time every time from cold and idles smoothly with no misses. It
    has a gel cell battery which cost $200, top of the line, 3 months old
    now. I have kept it on trickle charge since the chain snapped.

    This bike is a great buy for anyone with a few dollars in their pocket
    who wants to enjoy a classic. Spend a weekend changing over the side
    cover on the engine, buy a chain and a front tire and you are ready for
    roadworthy.I have a set of sprockets that are close to new, so you
    could use them if you wanted.

    Alternatively it would make a great spares bike, and for this sort of
    money you would be laughing. Buying just a few parts from a wrecker
    would easily cost as much as this complete bike with spares.

    Will sell to the first person who turns up at my house with $300, no
    time wasters please and not negotiable. You are welcome to inspect any
    part of the bike and ask all the questions you like, be aware that the
    cannot be started without replacing the side cover.

    0424 90 98 97

    imagineero, Jul 16, 2006
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  2. imagineero

    imagineero Guest

    Forgot to mention....

    Also includes a god awful looking *lockable* hard top box that can be
    bolted to the rack. This is adapted from a galvanised steel tool box,
    cut down to fit, then siliconed to make it watertight. It sure is
    ugly, but its huge and absolutely waterproof. Just the thing for books
    or notebook computers on a rainy day. The gear sack can still be slung
    on to the rack facing forwards giving a great amount of luggage space.

    Welcome to leave it behind if not interested.
    imagineero, Jul 16, 2006
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