fuel injection in small motorcycles

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by rahul nair, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. rahul nair

    rahul nair Guest


    I am working on fuel injection (port injection) of a four stroke
    motorcycle .

    The specifications of the motorcycle are:
    109.2cc,Single-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke,petrol
    8.1bhp at 7250rpm,
    0.83kgm at 5500rpm

    The problem is that we are not able to find injectors and fuel pumps
    that are suitable for this engine.

    We need injectors with a flow rate of 78 g/min. This flow rate is very
    low and we have not been able to find such low flow injectors.
    We are presently using a BOSCH EV10 injector which is too big and
    floods the engine.The fuel pump is also from BOSCH, but it draws too
    much current.
    Does anyone know where I can find such small injectors and a fuel pump
    for it?

    Thanking You
    Rahul Nair
    rahul nair, Sep 12, 2003
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  2. rahul nair

    Mark Olson Guest

    If any manufacturer builds a fuel injected 400cc four cylinder, you
    might try using an injector and pump from that engine. As far as I
    know the smallest bike engines with fuel injection are the 600cc
    supersports (Honda CBR600F4i, etc.). Perhaps one of the injectors
    from one of those 125cc cylinders might be able to meter the tiny
    amounts of fuel you need at idle, but it would be a stretch.
    Mark Olson, Sep 12, 2003
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