Go for a ride on a roadracing sidecar AND support a good cause!? Oct 20th

Discussion in 'Bay Area Bikers' started by ~= Moike =~, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. ~= Moike =~

    ~= Moike =~ Guest

    The Sidecar Racers Association-West will be racing with AFM at
    Buttonwillow on October 20th. It has been brought to my attention that
    a fundraising event will be happening that Saturday for James Cornell
    who was inujured at the 2006 Isle of Man TT and is still on the long
    road to full recovery.

    Formula I and Formula II Sidecar Drivers will be taking folks for taxi
    rides during lunch time for a $20.00 minimum donation, which of course
    will go the the James Cornell Fund.

    Please feel free to come down to Buttonwillow and watch the sidecar
    races on Saturday and AFM motorcycle races on Sunday. Motels are cheap
    and the drive is relatively short compared to other tracks.
    Buttonwillow is south on I-5 just adjacent to the Bakersfield/Hwy58
    cutoff. Driving time is about 3 hours or less (depending on how fast
    you ride!)

    What: Taxi rides on FI and FII sidecars ~ A fundraiser for James
    How Much: A 20 dollar donation buys you an E-ticket ride on the back
    When: Saturday, October 20th, Buttonwillow Raceway Park
    What time: Taxi rides will be during the AFM lunch break, I'd be there
    a couple hours early

    Requirements for SRA-West James Cornell Benifit taxi ride:
    ~ SNELL approved full-face helmet
    ~ 1 piece leathers or 2 piece leathers with a working 360 deg. zipper
    ~ Gloves / Boots (no exposed laces)
    ~ Back Protector

    SRA-West Website: http://www.sra-west.us
    Buttonwillow Raceway Website: http://www.buttonwillowraceway.com
    James Cornell Fund Website: http://www.jamescornellfund.org

    Thanks, and hope to see you there. I'm sure Sarah would love to take
    some of you for a spin.
    Bad Cat Racing ~ Formula 1 Sidecar
    ~= Moike =~, Oct 11, 2007
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  2. ~= Moike =~

    ~= Moike =~ Guest

    (bump for a good cause)
    ~= Moike =~, Oct 17, 2007
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