Going Postal...

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by Owen, May 31, 2010.

  1. Owen

    Owen Guest

    Who posted it, Beav? someone anyway... So for a complete fuckwit, how
    do I get going postal? Ive looked on TV play again, Im obviously
    looking in the wrong direction... HELP!

    I am having a bad day so please be gentle...
    Owen, May 31, 2010
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  2. Owen

    ginge Guest

    It was on sky 1, at 6 this evening. no idea where else you'll find
    ginge, May 31, 2010
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  3. Owen

    Adie Guest

    it was yesterday and earlier today.
    (replace spam with nickname to reply)

    UKRM FAQ: http://www.ukrm.info/faq/

    YZF-R1 : FZ1N : RD350LC
    (anyone would think I was partial to Yamahas)
    keeper of the FAQ for my sins
    BOB#15 ex-UKRMMA#22 BOMB#11
    Adie, May 31, 2010
  4. Owen

    petrolcan Guest

    petrolcan, May 31, 2010
  5. Owen

    prawn Guest

    Part one turned up on http://eztv.it this morning. No doubt part two
    will be there tomorrow at the same time.

    prawn, May 31, 2010
  6. Owen

    Switters Guest

    I believe it's repeated later in the week. I didn't record part 2 because
    of the Superbikes, but TiVo picked up a later record on Thu or Fri.
    Switters, Jun 1, 2010
  7. Owen

    Beav Guest

    I got it (both parts) from Torrentleech. (www.torrentleech.org) Trouble is,
    it's an invitation only site and I haven't got any invites or I'd send you
    one :-(

    Mind ewe, it's on Sky, so it'll be shown ad spewism over the next few weeks,
    no doubt.
    Beav, Jun 2, 2010
  8. Owen

    Nige Guest

    You havent been to Cumbria today, have you?



    Land Rover 90
    Yamaha R1
    Range Rover Vogue
    Nige, Jun 2, 2010
  9. Owen

    Owen Guest

    seeing both parts on friday at a mates, thanks anyway...
    Owen, Jun 2, 2010
  10. Owen

    Mike Barnard Guest


    For just about all your viewing needs.
    Mike Barnard, Jun 2, 2010
  11. Owen

    Salad Dodger Guest

    I see the landlord of the pub I stayed in at Boot last year was his
    final victim.
    Salad Dodger, Jun 2, 2010
  12. Owen

    wessie Guest

    just a flesh wound
    wessie, Jun 3, 2010
  13. Owen

    Beav Guest

    No doubt, but I don't use Isohunt, so I wouldn't know.
    Beav, Jun 3, 2010
  14. Owen

    geoff Guest

    Better email me while its sitting on my hard drive you poor dear ...
    geoff, Jun 3, 2010
  15. Owen

    Ben Guest

    I've stayed at the Hollins Farm campsite a few times now, lovely place
    and a shame that such a thing happened there. Not quite sure how I'll
    feel going back later this year, but I will go back as planned.

    Shame that such a thing happened at all, for that matter.
    Ben, Jun 3, 2010
  16. Owen

    Beav Guest

    Why? I've got both parts on mine.
    Beav, Jun 3, 2010
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