Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by redshad, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. redshad

    redshad Guest

    92k on the Goldwing now. Anyone out there still riding?
    redshad, Feb 13, 2012
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  2. redshad

    SKooter Bum Guest

    Not really, finished riding the lower 48 last summer, 26,502 miles for
    the year on the Wing and Ultra combined.
    Not riding like I used to as I get older..
    SKooter Bum, Feb 13, 2012
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  3. Only on the warm days. I'm working in east Tennessee these days,
    grinding my floorboards down on these roads around here.
    George Pollard, Feb 16, 2012
  4. redshad

    anonymous Guest

    You should probably return to Grapevine Honda and
    see if they'll sell you another 36K pre-maintenance
    package at the original 2007 price. Let me know
    what they said.

    Actually, 92K's just gettin' broke in. I know you've done
    a great job on the maintenance, so everything should
    be just fine. I see GW's on Craigslist all the time with
    a lot more miles than that. And they're later than '07.
    You should have another 100K reserve, easy.

    Have you gone dark on the rear tire yet? I figure you've
    gone through maybe 7-10 tires in that 92K.
    anonymous, Feb 21, 2012
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