Got me virago now, anyone wanna buy a textile jacket?

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by CampinGazz, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. CampinGazz

    CampinGazz Guest

    Just bought a virago, xv535, 1991, 13k miles on the clock.. genuine,
    midnight blue etc etc...

    Nice to have a bike with some power, i love the riding position, wish i'd
    had this bike for my test, my hand's don't go numb from leaning onto the
    bars like on the suzi GS500 or what ever it was i did me training and test
    on, i really did not like the sports bike type riding position.. but then
    again some hate the cruiser position,

    Exhausts could do with being a bit louder, gonna see if i can pull the
    baffles out sometime.. don't want to replace the system as it's in good
    nick, origional system, little bit of surface rust on the collector box, but
    nowt terminal, so modifying the stock pipes seems better to me.. can i just
    shove a 3 foot long 20mm drill bit up the pipes from the end to remove the
    baffles?? :)

    First time with a pilion on the back on roads too, passed me test yesterday
    some may remember, ridden 125's untill then, did 130 miles to get home.. did
    a slight detour to show off to me GF's parents, generaly had a good time,
    despite the utterly shitty weather (don't think we had it that bad compared
    to some.. bedford to nottingham route at about 5:30 pm, but the rain was..
    erm..heavy, large blobs of it, thought sam was banging on me lid when it
    first started :)

    Gotta teache her to behave as a pillion a bit more.. things like 'you dont
    wiggle your bum to itch it when i'm doing 75 on the A1M',
    Don't try to anticipate the bends coming up.. she was leaning too soon..
    better than the very first time she went on the back of the TS 125 when she
    decided to lean the other way to see where we had been :)

    One thing that is bugging me tho is our lids banging together when i change
    gear, or brake, she's begining to lean back a bit more onto the sissy bar,
    but around town she still bangs her lid against mine, should i tell her to
    stick her head to one side of mine, lean back more, brace her self when we
    brake or what??

    and no i'm not being heavy handed with the gears or brakes.. still slightly
    clunky gear changes, i'm still getting used to the gear box and clutch, but
    i've always brakes early and gently, it's just when i first apply the brakes
    she bumps her lid on mine.. oh and those fecking stick on devils horns that
    claim they stay on at upto 175 mph... lost one doing 35 in the centre of
    nottingham, if anyone finds it, let us have it back.. a beer will be bought
    for you if you do :)

    Finaly <thank feck you all say>
    Sam's got a leather jacket.. was her birfday on saturday, so looks the part
    on a cruiser, but i have an Akito cougar textile jacket, and look a bit out
    of place, Anyone know if they are worth owt second hand??

    It's in absolutely perfect condition, bought about 3 years ago, before i had
    a bike, i got it as a warm jacker to wear in my beach buggy when i wen't to
    shows abroad and had to drive at night to get to them.. no heating and open
    topped, so i took the armour out, and the jacket never saw rain or owt,

    A month ago i put the armour back in, and have been using it on my bikes, so
    it now has a few fly hits on it, but absoultely no tears, rips, scuffs etc,
    cost me about £150 when i bought it i think, size is prolly large.. have to
    check for sure, it's blue and black, has pockets everywhere, nice big un at
    the back for waterproof trousers, or prolly ideal for a radio etc,
    removeable winter lining.. full one that goes right down the arms,

    Any offers? reply on here and i'll get back to you. like i say, i want to
    get a leather jacket,
    If no one wants it, are there any bike clothing shops that would part ex
    this jacket for a leather one??
    CampinGazz, Aug 4, 2004
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  2. CampinGazz

    PDannyD Guest

    Bastard. I still miss mine, restricted though it was.
    Get a bird with bigger tits. Problem solved.
    PDannyD, Aug 4, 2004
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  3. CampinGazz

    Muck Guest

    Learning how to ride more smoothly would be better.
    Muck, Aug 4, 2004
  4. CampinGazz wrote
    It is entirely your fault.

    Be alert, ride smooth.
    steve auvache, Aug 4, 2004
  5. Pip wrote
    Dun't he just. Bless him.

    steve auvache, Aug 4, 2004
  6. platypus wrote
    It also gives you a heaven sent chance to establish from the very start
    a winter and summer collection.
    steve auvache, Aug 4, 2004
  7. CampinGazz

    Pip Guest

    <snip, as I CBA to split up all that drivel>

    You need to get smooth for your pillion's benefit. Lid banging is down
    to you and you alone. Practice for both of you will help, but you
    need to be much smoother. Pillions can't read minds and cannot
    anticipate the rider braking so accurately as to lean back at exactly
    the right moment.

    If she wiggled to scratch her bum on the A1 - well, I can't think of
    anywhere better. Nice long straights, gentle bends ... again, that's
    your lack of experience showing up. Pillions *will* move and it is
    down to you to compensate (or smack the silly bitch one if she's
    really done it at the wrong moment).

    You'll never be able to P/X a textile jacket for a leather one. Go
    find a s/h jacket if you're that stuck, or prowl the bargain racks at
    a proper bike kit shop or two. Keep the textile one, it'll come in
    handy when the weather gets colder. Looks aren't really important -
    let form follow function and gear will accrue over time in any case.

    You really do want everything all at once, just when you want it,
    don't you?

    Learn to write, FFS. You break it up into paragraphs, but each one is
    one loong sentence with loads of commas. Use a full stop here and
    there and start a new sentence. Your posts read in one mighty
    breathless rush and are a right PITA.

    There you go, a life lesson in five short paragraphs. Slow down, calm
    down and go smoothly. Let things come to you rather than frantically
    chasing them all the time. It is for the best.
    Pip, Aug 4, 2004
  8. platypus wrote
    A blue motorcycle isn't?
    steve auvache, Aug 4, 2004
  9. CampinGazz

    Tony Guest

    Technically out of interest, what is best for this purpose? Natural,
    silicone or saline?
    Sure, in time constant head banging will eventually tail off as you gain
    better throttle control anyway. Unless course your other half is a deranged
    motorhead fan.

    Oh, and the jacket's probably best on ebay or something like that I guess.
    Advertise it well, and what you get will be pretty much what its worth.

    Don't take baffles out of your stock exhaust, after all you need to MOT it
    sometime? Do like most do and keep them as spare for this purpose. Most
    stock cans are heavier than an elephant with a bad dose of constipation
    anyway so why would you want to keep them on.

    Tony, Aug 4, 2004
  10. CampinGazz

    platypus Guest

    I suspect a 3 year old Akito textile jacket is worth about 3/8ths of feck
    all. Ebay is probably your friend here - doing a search for "akito jacket"
    shows not a lot of serious interest. OTOH you could keep it for the days
    when it's pissing down or freezing or both - leather's neither waterproof
    nor particularly warm, and the twenty quid (optimistically) that you'd
    realise on it will be scant comfort in the middle of winter with even a
    couple of dozen miles to go.

    You really would be best keeping it.
    platypus, Aug 4, 2004
  11. CampinGazz

    platypus Guest

    platypus, Aug 4, 2004
  12. platypus wrote
    Gay is as gay does I suppose.
    steve auvache, Aug 4, 2004
  13. CampinGazz

    platypus Guest

    I've got a blue motorcycle. It's not gay but it's fucked.
    platypus, Aug 4, 2004
  14. CampinGazz

    K Olley Guest

    Comfort is important, it does not matter what you ride as long as you are
    comfortable riding it.
    Forget trying to modify the stock exhaust, the baffles that reduce most of
    the noise are in the box not the tailpipes.

    If you want noise get another exhaust.


    Kevin - Basildon
    GPZ305 (her's)
    K Olley, Aug 4, 2004
  15. Why?
    [email protected], Aug 4, 2004
  16. CampinGazz

    Porl Guest

    FFS, don't be a wanker all your life. Personality will keep you both
    together far longer than a big pair of tits. So choose the bird on the basis
    of her personality and if her tits aren't big enough, stuff 'em with
    Porl, Aug 4, 2004
  17. CampinGazz

    Pip Guest

    I forgot that one. Good question.
    Pip, Aug 4, 2004
  18. CampinGazz

    K Olley Guest

    Could not find the answer to that one, thats why I normally have additional
    baffles fitted on mine.


    Kevin - Basildon
    GPZ305 (her's)
    K Olley, Aug 4, 2004
  19. CampinGazz

    David Thomas Guest

    Well, each to his own, but I'll go for the bigger tits idea.

    David Thomas, Aug 4, 2004
  20. CampinGazz

    Ace Guest

    Actually, that's about the best time. What you _really_ don't want is
    her doing just that when you're filtering through heavy traffic at
    She shouldn't lean at all. Tell her to just relax and she'll just move
    naturally with the bike.
    No, this is down to you. You need to adopt a smoother riding style
    (better even when you don't have a pillion) which will include:

    1. When changing up, close the throttle slightly before starting your
    gear change, so there's no sudden drop in acceleration.
    2. Similarly, open it gradually once the higher gear is engaged.
    3. Be gentle with your brakes.
    4. Anticipate more, leading to less need for heavy braking.
    5. If you _are_ going to accelerate suddenly, a signal of some sort
    might help her to brace for it.
    6. If you must to brake sharply, try to push yourself back as much as
    possible to minimise the distance between you and take up the shock,
    as it were.
    Yes. You are. Not surprising, really, but theis is _all_ down to you.
    A larger beer will be bought for evidence of its destruction.
    Not really, but, despite Auvache's assertions, biking is not about
    image, so I'd suggest you stick with your current jacket as a form of
    protest, sticking the Vs up at 'convention' or whatever. Same as I do
    when I ride the gixxer in my goretex touring jacket, 5-pocket jeans
    and walking boots.
    Ace, Aug 4, 2004
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