Got my P's today

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by Hello Earth, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. Hello Earth

    Hello Earth Guest

    Finally managed to find the $225 to do the course for my P's today
    (Vic). All went well up until the final test bit, and I managed to
    fail by 1 point (40 is a pass, I managed to get'h)
    Apparently bu braking was a little sloow and my turns were not quick

    I walked away swearing to myself and blaming everybody but myself, and
    then the assessor mentioned that I can re-sit the test bit only for
    $65...2 hours later I walked out with my bit of paper. :)

    Now all I need is a bloody bike.................
    Hello Earth, Oct 25, 2005
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  2. Hello Earth

    sanbar Guest

    If you want to get a feel for the falling off bit while you're still
    bikeless, just find a convenient brick wall and run into it at a fair
    old clip.[1]
    Other than that, swear here and now that you're never, ever, ever going
    to be silly enough to come off, mkay?
    Congrats on the licence. It's a whole new world.
    - sanbar

    [1] I've doodled[2] twice myself!
    [2] doo·dle (noun, past and past participle doo·dled, present participle
    doo·dling, 3rd person present singular doo·dles). 1. intransitive verb
    to separate from a mode of transport at an inappropriate time resulting
    in sore ribs largely brought about by much ribbing. 2. transitive verb
    to come unstuck in such a manner.
    sanbar, Oct 25, 2005
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  3. Hello Earth

    Hello Earth Guest

    I a'int got a bike yet anyway, so my car should be safe from falling
    over :)
    Hello Earth, Oct 25, 2005
  4. Hello Earth

    DJ Guest

    I went for my P's last Sunday and got it first go due to the fact that i had
    my own bike just after i got the L's ( I do think it helps a lot to get used
    to one bike for at least a few weeks). I bought a almost new Kwaka Er5
    (500cc) which more than meets my current needs as far as performance is
    concerned ( I'm well in my 40's so i think i've gotten over the speed
    What I have noticed or perhaps i'm just plain paranoid, is that when I was
    on the L's, the traffic seemed to give me a fair go and made allowances for
    my novice tendencies, but since I haven't been wearing any L or P's (don't
    need to if over 30 in nsw and got full car lic) It feels like every bastard
    is out to kill me.
    DJ, Oct 26, 2005
  5. They're expecting you to go like a bat of hell and be gone when the morning

    Don't worry, Smack's got me finger picking Blackbird on a four string guitar
    (damn kids) that's pinging it's head off!
    Pisshead Pete, Oct 26, 2005
  6. Hello Earth

    DJ Guest

    I used Ampol Vortex today but it's too early to tell how different it will
    be......should i run this stuff in a ER-5?

    DJ, Oct 26, 2005
  7. Depends, does it ping? They only sell Caltex Vortex 'round my neck of the
    woods and going by anti-pinging numbers (garn Hammo!), cause it's less than
    the rest, it pays to buy Optimax down the road!
    Pisshead Pete, Oct 26, 2005
  8. Hello Earth

    Skywings Guest

    Hi all,
    I've notice that too. I'm still learning and on my 9th or so
    lesson and I do seem to notice that cars do tend to give way to me a bit
    more than otherwise. I've been told that I pulled off a little slow but
    still car around me are patient enough to let me pass in most cases. I
    actually have my test next Thursday. I hope I pass. Do other state(other
    than WA that is) make people do figure 8's? Cos here in Perth they no
    longer do figure 8 but consecutive U turns instead i.e. figure O's

    First time poster long time lurker here and still looking for the right
    first bike.
    Skywings, Oct 26, 2005
  9. Hello Earth

    Nev.. Guest

    I was rather surprised to hear recently that someone I know passed their
    motorcycle licence test in Victoria without having ever ridden a
    motorcycle in the 3-6 months between obtaining his learners and doing
    the licence test.

    '03 ZX12R
    Nev.., Oct 27, 2005
  10. Well, at least they wouldn't have picked up any bad habits...


    Iain Chalmers, Oct 27, 2005
  11. Hello Earth

    Knobdoodle Guest

    Fuckin' fuckin' mumble mumble PRICK!
    Knobdoodle, Oct 27, 2005
  12. Hello Earth

    Knobdoodle Guest

    "take these broken strings and learn to fly....."
    Knobdoodle, Oct 27, 2005
  13. Hello Earth

    Knobdoodle Guest

    **** OFF!!
    (did Big Iain explain about harsh-week?)
    Knobdoodle, Oct 27, 2005
  14. Hello Earth

    G-S Guest

    I think it's important to explain why we have to kick in da nutz when he
    finally buys a bike too (and why the kiki in da nutz isn't actually part
    of harsh week). [1]


    [1] Insert obligatory harsh week insult of your choice.
    G-S, Oct 27, 2005
  15. Hello Earth

    GB Guest

    Yeah, but what sort of a knob would do that?

    GB, Oct 27, 2005
  16. Hello Earth

    GB Guest

    Not true. You have to wear the 'L' plates while you're on the learner
    license. The P plates are obviated in the over-thirty/gold-license
    case, 'cos you don't go through the provisional stage.

    GB, Oct 27, 2005
  17. Well done, Clem. If you can play the lagerphone too you're in the band!
    Pisshead Pete, Oct 28, 2005
  18. Hello Earth

    Skywings Guest

    If WA if you hold a car license and you are off you P's then you're still
    off you P's when you get you bike licence.
    Skywings, Oct 28, 2005
  19. Hello Earth

    Skywings Guest

    I'll remember to wear a cup around here. :p
    Skywings, Oct 28, 2005
  20. Hello Earth

    justAL Guest

    Yeah I know one of those. Some cockhead at work too and he's moving into


    justAL, Oct 28, 2005
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