gsxr 750

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by captain anchovy, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. a 92 gsxr 750 for sale, it has 80,000 Ks' and the owner claims he's done
    all its servicing in the 6 years hes had it. no receipts for any prev.
    work. asking $3000.00
    should I file this wun under B for bargepole
    or W for worth a look ?

    captain anchovy, Feb 18, 2012
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  2. captain anchovy

    J5 Guest

    its a 20 year old bike

    go and see it and see what you think

    service history is nice but not essential

    check out condition
    J5, Feb 19, 2012
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  3. captain anchovy

    Nev.. Guest

    Probably worth asking on the gixxer forums. Go to and get
    some opinions there. More important than the B or W question is the O
    or W question... Oil or Water cooled? I think 1992 was the year they
    changed over from the oil cooled engine to the water cooled.

    Nev.., Feb 20, 2012
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