Had 6yrs NCD now lost after 3yrs no use :( ?

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by Webby, May 15, 2004.

  1. Webby

    Webby Guest

    Hi I had max NCD upto Jan 2001 but after and accident (not my fault) and a job change I haven't had
    a bike since. I'm now looking at getting another one but the few insurance companies I've spoke to
    said my NCD has gone, I can't use it anymore. This seems a joke when you consider I really had
    around 10+NCD. Anybody know of any insurance companies who are more flexible on this rule because it
    just seems a rip off to me.


    NOTE: Remove 'y' out of address "anti spam"
    Webby, May 15, 2004
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  2. Webby

    Pip Guest

    Nope. That's the way it works.

    Try pleading, you might get an "introductory discount".
    Pip, May 15, 2004
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  3. Webby

    SP Guest

    If you've built up some no claims on your car insurance (assuming you
    have a car) some companies will take that into account and give you a
    slight reduction, I believe.

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    SP, May 15, 2004
  4. Webby

    Webby Guest

    I'll give it a try. It's a total p*sser that I've been riding a bike and driving a car since 1986
    and never had a claim which was my fault and now I've got no NCD on the bike :(
    Webby, May 15, 2004
  5. Webby

    037 Guest

    037, May 15, 2004
  6. Webby

    Webby Guest

    Pardon ?

    Webby, May 15, 2004
  7. Webby

    SP Guest

    I think he was referring to 'read the FFAQ (frequently asked questions
    page) on the UKRM site that specifically states replies should be
    placed at the bottom of posts as it makes it easier to follow threads
    on a high-volume newsgroup like UKRM.

    Other than that, it made no sense at all. But...please reply after the
    previously quoted text, it makes life easier for us all in here, and it
    also means you won't end out in peoples kill-files.

    CBR600 FW incoming
    ZXR400SP outgoing
    SBS#11[with oak-leaf cluster]
    BONY#54P BOB#18
    Real burds don't take hormones, they rage naturally

    Un-cork me to reply
    SP, May 16, 2004
  8. Webby

    Chris Guest

    for feck sake, read the fecking faq *something*

    I think this may be about you top-posting.

    reply to posts at the bottom

    I may be a bit of a lurker and not post much,
    but i did read the fecking faq!!!

    Chris, May 16, 2004
  9. Webby

    Webby Guest

    Whoops sorry.

    Webby, May 16, 2004
  10. Webby

    kAnO Guest

    DTP... don't top post.

    "A fella, a quick fella, might have a weapon under there. I'd have to pin
    his head to the panel..."
    kAnO, May 16, 2004
  11. Webby

    Webby Guest

    Well that explains it all then. Sorry I'll consider my sell electronically smacked in the face.

    Errrr onto the original post does anyone know if any of the insurance companies will let me use my
    NCD or offer a sizeable discount even though I haven't insured a bike for over 3yrs ?


    Webby, May 16, 2004
  12. Webby

    David Thomas Guest

    That's better ;-)

    David Thomas, May 16, 2004
  13. Webby

    Pip Guest

    You are fucking Welsh, aren't you, ****?
    Pip, May 16, 2004
  14. Webby

    prawn Guest

    You're welcome.
    prawn, May 16, 2004
  15. Webby

    David Thomas Guest

    Err excuse me, that is no way to speak to someone that is mentally
    disadvantaged... or Welsh as you care to put it!

    And I'm not fucking Welsh, I'm fucking sheep.

    David Thomas, May 16, 2004
  16. Webby

    sweller Guest

    sweller, May 16, 2004
  17. Webby

    darsy Guest

    where'd you get that from?
    darsy, May 17, 2004
  18. Webby

    deadmail Guest

    The voices.
    deadmail, May 17, 2004
  19. Webby

    deadmail Guest

    I think he's been *not* riding for years and that's the problem.
    deadmail, May 17, 2004
  20. Webby

    Ben Blaney Guest

    Popular myth.
    Ben Blaney, May 17, 2004
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