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Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by iCentral, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. iCentral

    iCentral Guest

    iCentral, Jul 24, 2004
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  2. Hi Troy,

    I'm investigating the same:- Bike to Bike communicators. Have a look
    at the following.








    I'm looking closely at the top one because I know the owner, but
    unless I get some good answers to the questions I have emailed to him
    I will be back to where I started and that is knowing fuckall about
    good Bike to Bike communicators.

    Kind regards
    Dave Milligan
    Dave Milligan, Jul 25, 2004
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  3. iCentral

    Trevor S Guest

    Trevor S, Jul 25, 2004
  4. Dave, a couple of years ago there was a mob here in Sydney called TwinBlue
    motorcycles, a rental/tour company that used BMWs. They(TwinBlue) no longer
    exist but I remember they used Baehr communicators for all their tours, from
    what I seen they seemed to work very well. the only link I can find is



    "The highest form of life in the universe is Man and the lowest is a
    man who works for the post office." - Holly
    Alan Pennykid, Jul 25, 2004
  5. iCentral

    sanbar Guest

    Dick Smiths has 0.5W Uniden UHF handheld radios for just over $60 a pair,
    including car charger kit and Lithium battery (much cheaper than the
    Super Cheap Auto $80 a pair deal). Buy a couple of cheap
    headphones, pull the wafer speakers out, cover them in fluff, use
    double-sided tape with velcro to stick it ot your helmet's liner. Mount a
    small mike on the inside of your helmet, again covered in fluff to cut
    down on wind rush. Mount a push-to-talk switch on your handlebars and wire
    it into the Uniden (c'mon, for $60 you aren't going to cry over the
    Viola. Transferrable bike-to-bike or rider-to-pillion comms for less than
    $100[1]. A 0.5W unit is good for a couple of kilometres.
    - sanbar

    [1] Unless your brother borrows your bike and in a fit of stupidity rips
    all the wiring out, rendering it pretty much useless. But I'm not bitter.
    I'm not bitter! Arsehole..
    sanbar, Jul 25, 2004
  6. iCentral

    Wocka Guest


    I have just bought and installed the Autocom Advanced System ( bike
    powered ). Absolutely fantastic quality out of the unit. I highly recommend
    it. I know another Aus.Moto rider here who has used one for over a year. No

    Now if only I had a mute button so I don't hear the wife giggling and saying
    "Weee..... " as we go up the old road.
    Wocka, Jul 25, 2004
  7. iCentral

    Dave Ello Guest

    Hi Troy,

    Check out http://www.autocom.co.uk/ . I've had the Autocom Pro 7 Kit for
    about 8 months now and we're 100% happy with it. Bought it from MAW and
    have done about 12,000 kms with it thus far in all types of weather. I like
    to ride with my visor up and have just added some bits that allow this
    without the VOX (voice-activation) cutting in - no probs up to about 120

    Clear speech at all speeds, provisions for music input, a CB attachment and
    even a mobile phone (!). Pretty cool but not cheap - I think ours cost
    about $750 but for us, very worthwhile. We rode for about 1/2 an hour the
    other day without plugging in and didn't realise how much it improves the
    whole experience (except when Lisa decides to start singing - or earbash me
    about something I'm 'getting around to'...). hehe

    Check it out and good luck whatever you buy.

    Dave ZZR600 => ST2 (stolen) => '03 XX
    Dave Ello, Jul 25, 2004
  8. iCentral

    Dave Ello Guest

    Mate, I'm struggling to believe your words. When she was on my bike, all I
    could hear from her was "...whoooo's yer Daaaady..." and "... bring it
    onnnn, big boy...".


    Davey Baby ZZR600 => ST2 (stolen) => '03 XX
    Dave Ello, Jul 25, 2004
  9. Wocka said....
    What does it use for speakers?

    I'm still hunting for something that I can use an MP3 player or radio
    with. I was watching a car race recently, and saw a driver, after taking
    his helmet off, remove what appeared to be earplugs with wires coming
    out of them. I assumed that they were earplugs with tiny speakers in
    them. I've not been able to find them.
    Martin Taylor, Jul 27, 2004
  10. In aus.motorcycles on Wed, 28 Jul 2004 05:19:14 +1000

    I've just bought a set of Sony MDREX51LP. They are like little earplugs
    with speakers in them.

    not as good as earplugs as proper earplugs, but surprisingly close.
    Excellent sound and don't have to have the MP3 player blasting at you to
    hear what it is playing. Small enough to fit inside the helmet without
    touching it and conducting sound and without being moved when you take
    it off or put it on.

    Expensive - $70 RRP, can get for a bit less online - but I think worth

    Zebee Johnstone, Jul 27, 2004
  11. Zebee Johnstone said....
    Thanks. Just ordered a set from a site called minidisc.com.au. Hopefully
    will be here by Friday. Now, gotta load up the Palm's SD card with

    As for the 'earplug' component, how many times can they be used before
    they become useless? Normal earplugs last one or two uses, if that.
    Martin Taylor, Jul 28, 2004
  12. iCentral

    Trevor S Guest


    I have a set of ER-6's, (I couls not justify the cost of the ER-4s) and
    think they are very good. I don't wear them while riding so I can't comment
    on their performance in that regard

    Trevor S

    "Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth."
    -Albert Einstein
    Trevor S, Jul 28, 2004
  13. In aus.motorcycles on Wed, 28 Jul 2004 16:13:09 +1000
    If you are an earwaxy sort of ear, clean them with mild detergent
    each night.

    They seem to last fairly well otherwise. They are more like the
    solid-core-with-flange plugs than the squish-and-insert type.

    Zebee Johnstone, Jul 28, 2004
  14. iCentral

    Gary Woodman Guest

    That must be why they're supplied in such large boxes. But I use Leichts,
    available from BOC (5 pair, blister pack, $4.95), and they dampen
    effectively for at least a year. I (usually) wipe them clean after use, not
    wash them, but they quickly get spotty brown and unappetising.

    Gary (time for some more actually)


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    John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia

    "According to Hitwise, JOHNHOWARDLIES.COM is the number 1 Australian
    political website visited by Australian Internet users as of 16th July,

    Gary Woodman, Jul 28, 2004

  15. I don't think you're supposed to eat them,Gary.

    Pat Heslewood, Jul 28, 2004
  16. I have the same ones, I took the stalk off them to make them more comfortable
    under my helmet, but under 100KMh I can hear my music when played at a
    comfortable level set before starting the bike.

    Don't lose the silicone rubber ear shells, they are around $10 each !

    Mark Hutchison, Jul 28, 2004

  17. Tee hee, flange.

    Hamish Alker-Jones, Jul 28, 2004
  18. iCentral

    Wocka Guest

    The Autocom system have little flat speakers about the size on an egg.
    You mount them behind the lining of your helmet, You have to cut away a bit
    of the hard foam to get them flush.

    Or they do have velcro on the back that can just stick to the lining. But
    they would press against your ears and probably hurt after a while.

    The mic is very good, very directional. You can't hear any wind noise at
    This system allows you to plug in an MP3 player or any audio system.
    Wocka, Jul 29, 2004
  19. Gary Woodman said....
    Haven't seen that brand. We use Decidamp, EAR and some other brands. At
    work I use them once. When out on the plant, put a new set in. back in
    the control room, throw them out.

    At home I use the same pair, maybe 2 or 3 times, before they lose their
    expandability. Outside of work, I use them for when sleeping on
    nightshift and on the bike.

    Hopefully, these Sony things will be as effective. My AGV X-Vent is as
    quiet as the exhaust of a Pratt & Whitney FT4 turbo-jet.
    Martin Taylor, Jul 29, 2004
  20. In aus.motorcycles on Thu, 29 Jul 2004 14:41:28 +1000

    They aren't as effective as the single use expandables, but they are
    fairly close.

    Zebee Johnstone, Jul 29, 2004
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