Help! Advice on Leather 2 piece (or 1 Piece) suit for a 5' 7" bloke

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by Sam, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. Sam

    Sam Guest

    I am a 5' 7" (slim, 10 stone) bloke and want to buy a set of bike
    The problem is that all the ones I have seen look a tad big in the
    and the armour/sliders dont appear to cover where my knees would be.
    I have thought about made to measure but I don't think I'd get them
    back in time for the summer. Has anyone any advice on a make/name
    that would be suitable, or even a jacket/jeans combination that would
    suit? Or a make/shop that does quick/neat/strong alterations that are
    resonably priced. I would like to be able to do a track day or two and
    so will need somthing that will at least all round zip together. Any
    advice would be gratefully received.
    Please email me on (substitute yahoo for nospam).
    Sam, Apr 21, 2004
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  2. Sam

    prawn Guest

    <Checks Keyboard Breathalyzer>


    Ah, **** it.


    prawn, Apr 21, 2004
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  3. Sam

    Lozzo Guest

    Sam says...
    Try MJK Leathers from GLF Accessories, they may well be able to get some
    pretty quickly. The url for their website is in my sig below.
    Lozzo, Apr 21, 2004
  4. Sam

    wessie Guest

    Sam wrote in
    paging Molly - opportunity to offload your old gear, although it may be a
    bit baggy :)
    wessie, Apr 21, 2004
  5. Sam

    Monkey Guest

    I'm 5'7" (13 stone), and I got my 2-piece leathers from Hein Gericke -
    which surprised me, 'cos I'd always been told that Gericke leathers
    tended to be a bit long in the leg, and I've got short legs.
    Monkey, Apr 22, 2004
  6. Sam

    darsy Guest

    I'm 5'7" (11.5 stone) and I got my 2-piece leathers from Hein Gericke.
    I have relatively normal length legs for my height (32" inside leg)
    and I do find the leathers slightly too long in the leg. It's not
    enough to be a problem, just makes my knees look silly when not
    actually on the bike.
    darsy, Apr 22, 2004
  7. Sam

    wessie Guest

    darsy wrote in
    Only your knees look silly? Right.
    wessie, Apr 22, 2004
  8. Sam

    darsy Guest

    a) I didn't say "only"
    b) **** off you ****
    darsy, Apr 22, 2004
  9. Sam

    antonye Guest

    Erm ... unless I'm reading this wrong, the *sliders* shouldn't cover
    your knees but actually sit below them to the side.

    It's also important to remember that most of your time in bike
    leathers will (should!) be spent sitting on the bike, so you can
    only really "try on" leathers by sitting on a bike, or at least
    by crouching down into a similar position.

    There's a lot of difference between the two positions, so where a
    one-piece suit may well be baggy/long in a standing position, once
    you're sat on the bike it should fit perfectly. Knee armour tends
    to sit low on the leg until you crouch, at which point it fits well.

    Just go to the shop that has the biggest range and try them all on
    until you find a size that fits. You should like you'd be either a
    EU 50/ UK 40 or possibly a 52/42.

    Having bought and used both one and two-piece leathers both on the
    road and track, I must admit that I was sceptical when a mate told
    me that while two-piece leathers are great, you just don't get the
    same comfort found in one-piece leathers. This means you have a lot
    more freedom to move around on the bike, which you may find a help
    depending on your riding style. Personally I'd go with a one-piece
    suit, but YMMV.
    antonye, Apr 22, 2004
  10. Sam

    Timbo Guest


    I would imagine I'm the same build as you (5'7", 10st), I ended up getting
    EU 46/ UK 36 for both jacket & jeans. As stated before the fit on the bike
    is clearly the important part, I get a bit of saggy-arse syndrome when
    wandering about.

    I got Dainese stuff which seems OK to me although I understand that some
    people have reservations about the quality. Have fun shopping!
    Timbo, Apr 22, 2004
  11. Sam

    Molly Guest

    You need
    Molly, Apr 22, 2004
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