Help please - Yam 600 Divvy won't start...........

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by GazW, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. GazW

    GazW Guest

    It's a 1993 600 Diversion with 40k on the clock.

    Been stood for 6 months on my drive (covered), now won't start.

    I've taken out plugs and cleaned, it's got fuel, I've tried it with
    choke in/out, fuel tap up/down/sideways all combinations. I'm not too
    technically minded, but it was running great before.

    Battery ok and been charged.

    Any ideas please, I want to sell.

    Thanks in advance.
    GazW, Sep 22, 2003
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  2. GazW

    toes Guest

    I'm guessing it turns over but doesn't catch? Check you've got spark at each plug cap, then I'd try dumping the fuel and using fresh stuff (with choke).

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    toes, Sep 22, 2003
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  3. GazW

    GazW Guest

    Thanks to both of you.

    I'll try all you've said and feedback.
    GazW, Sep 23, 2003
  4. GazW

    mtm Guest

    Gaz .....

    Whoa up there big fella. Before you start fiddle fartin' with anything
    (adjusting this'n that) lets get back to basics here.

    It_was_runnin' good last you knew, okay.
    You say you cleaned the plugs. After crankin' that thing on chock,
    chances are those plugs are wet, and/or fouled, now.
    Start with that.
    Now, you gettin' spark? One atta time, take the plug wires off, and
    place a third? plug (one atta time) in the those caps and look for some
    kinda spark jumpin' the gap.

    Back to pullin' plugs. If they're dry (no sign of gas gettin' to 'em)
    then you got a delivery prob. If they're 'soaked', then you know what
    you gotta do there.

    If you got weak, no, or spark on one plug, first things first. If you
    have the resistor type plugs, yank 'em, and get ye some non resistors,
    or at least a new set of OEMs.
    If they're Not (reistors) then either pull the resistors from the plug
    caps (e-mail me on that procedure) or get some rubber Sparkies at the
    auto parts store, and shitcan the old NGKs caps or whatever name they

    If you're lucky, a fresh tank of 93-4 octane, and a generous dose of
    carb cleaner in that gas, and a long brisk ride, May do it for ya. If
    not, then it's carb cleanup time, but I kinda think it's not.
    Just a hunch. <g>

    BTW, check the air cleaner for critters nestin' in it, and blocking the
    air flow. It happens.


    '95 750 Nighthawk (big red)
    '95 Helix (little red)
    mtm, Sep 26, 2003
  5. A friend used to run a Citroen 2CV (aircooled flat twin engine, for the
    Yanks who'll never have heard of it!).

    Gigantic sort of hosepipes ran from the front of the car to duct cooling
    air over the cylinders.

    Anyway, it ran hot on one side, started clattering and semi-seized. A
    mouse had made a nice little nest in the ducting. Unfortunately, it (and
    its little mouslings) were nicely cooked....
    The Older Gentleman, Sep 26, 2003
  6. GazW

    mtm Guest

    GazW ........
    If you got spark, and If you're gettin' fuel, Maybe you keep
    flooding/fowling those plugs. Yank 'em after Every extended starting
    try, wipe 'em down, "air out" those flooded holes (gas off, turn 'er
    over sans plugs) then retry starting....dry plugs in, of curse. <g>


    '95 750 Nighthawk (big red)
    '95 Helix (little red)
    mtm, Oct 1, 2003
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