Honda 2004 US lineup...

Discussion in 'Bay Area Bikers' started by Nicholas C. Weaver, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. The US honda models are online:

    Actually a pretty big yawn.

    The paintjob on the CBR1K is better than the euro-one, but not by
    much: it still has the silly "Lower is the different color" bit, with
    the line of the fairing not matching the line of the bike. They
    aren't giving any nice power or weight info yet.

    I suspect that, in sales, the CBR will be third or fourth, with R1
    first and either the GSXR-1K or ZX10R second, simply because of the

    Honda is bringing the ST1100 to the US for police use (why not the
    ST1300? With the RT-P in the mix, the ST1300 seems like a MUCH better
    choice for police use). Another strange decision, really.

    Honda is also bringing the OLD hornet 600 into the US (called the
    599), naked only. It looks intended to replace the Nighthawk 750
    (which isn't in the preview list).

    With Yamaha bringing the NEW Fazer 600/FZ 6 to the US, and with the
    old fazer generally outclassing the old hornet by a nontrivial amount,
    I suspect the "Honda 599" is going to sell like a dog, especially
    since the target price range for the FZ 6 is reportedly in the SV-S
    range (~$6.3k for an SV-S), while Honda want $7k for the 599. Dream
    on, Honda.

    The custom-build program for the VTX is a neet idea, however, if you
    want a big, overweight, ChromeBoat.

    The yellow and black F4i looks nice, and its back to using the classic
    bananaseat rather than the stepped-seat (finally!). No sign of a
    centerstand, however. I wonder if the euro-mounting bolts are there?

    Likewise, the 600RR looks good in blue (except for a weird lower
    fairing color choice) as well as black & silver.

    VFR looks OK in black, but at least its another color choice than red.

    RC51 is now in "Nicky Hayden Racerboy" colors.
    Nicholas C. Weaver, Sep 11, 2003
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  2. Nicholas C. Weaver

    Holly Ober Guest

    Holly Ober, Sep 11, 2003
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  3. Nicholas C. Weaver

    David Platt Guest

    I am very pleased yamaha are bringing the new FZ6, although only the
    faired version from what i've read so far, I am not sure how practical
    the new practice of folding the end cans under the seat is going to be
    for the passenger. Looks like it's going to be a *HOT* seat !

    Also, I think yamaha have taken a step backwards in the styling of the
    2004 R1. The 2003 was truely beautiful, but i think they have stightly
    gone too far with this years look. Just a personal opinion.

    The only honda that seems to be able to compare with yamaha's offerings,
    in terms of styling is the 2003 600RR, which definitely has caught my
    envious eye at many a traffic light.

    In terms of power and straight line performance, the new FZ6 looks like
    a clear winner. 98bhp, compared to 70 for the SV. It looks very nicely
    designed for the twisties as well. I don't think i'll be able to resist
    the temptation of buying the new FZ6.
    David Platt, Sep 11, 2003
  4. I think it depends on how the underseat is done. The FZ6 seems to
    have a fairly significant heat-shiled gap both around teh side and
    top, so it will probably get warm but not HOT.

    Faired only in the US, Euro gets faired and unfaired. But why get the
    unfaired unless you have GorillaShoulders?
    I don't know, I really like the new R1, but I think an in-person final
    judgement will be necessary. The R1 is definatly the best looking of
    the 1L suicycles, however.
    The Honda CBR1K is the same style, but they FUBARed the paint scheme
    IMO, which breaks the lines of the bike bigtime.
    FZ6 will probably be ~85-90 at the rear wheel (the 98 is crank HP,
    IIRC). But it will definatly blow the SV away on the straight,
    although the SV will have a bit better advantage in the tight stuff,
    beeing a fair bit lighter.

    But the FZ6 should blow away the SV in the Rat Race that is the real
    world ("FZ6: An R6 for the Rat Race"): centerstand, comfort AND
    wind-protection, real seat, more power, underseat exhaust (for better
    luggage mounting) etc etc etc.

    I'm just waiting for an FZ6 luggage mount that accepts FJR1300
    hard-bags. THAT would be cool, if Yamaha would do that.
    Nicholas C. Weaver, Sep 11, 2003
  5. Nicholas C. Weaver

    David Platt Guest

    I pretty much do have gorilla shoulders :)
    I think they have spoiled the lines of the 04, but i am sure that
    technically it will be an advance. The new engine is reported to put out
    around 180bhp. According to motorcycle daily.
    The 1000RR looks somehow fatter than the 600 even though the design is
    almost identical, the 600 semes to have a leaner meaner look.
    Just aesthetically speaking of course. IMHO.
    Depends on rider skill to some degree.
    I can't wait to get my leg over an FZ6.
    David Platt, Sep 12, 2003
  6. That's "At the crank, with ram air". Still north of 150hp to the rear
    wheel, on the dyno in still air. Which is really insane, when you
    think about it.
    Probably due to the engine width. Thats one thing the R1 will really
    have going for it compared to the others: the engine, by being angeled
    farther forward, has the frame spars go OVER, rather than around the
    engine, which should shave about 2-4" off the girth.
    Neither can I. It looks like a really sweet and amazingly versatile
    Nicholas C. Weaver, Sep 12, 2003
  7. Yeup. Who buys it new? I can see getting a used one, or one a few
    years back (Holy Ober seemed happy with hers), but today?
    There's no accounting for lack of taste. IF you want uncomfortable
    with your 600 supersport, thats what an RR (Rump Ripper) is for.

    Anyway, why not just have an aftermarket (honda should provide, if
    not, airtech would) cowl which goes over the rear seat like the 5th
    gen VFR cowl?
    Nicholas C. Weaver, Sep 12, 2003
  8. Nicholas C. Weaver

    Brandon High Guest

    The 10R also has the frame go over the motor to keep width down, but
    they did it differently. The motor is still pretty vertical and the
    frame swoops over it to make room.

    It seems like the forward lean of the Yammy might require a longer
    wheelbase, since the motor essentially becomes longer...

    Brandon High, Sep 13, 2003
  9. Nicholas C. Weaver

    Ron Loewy Guest

    I agree. We need the Tranni back in these shores.
    I have seen the Multistrada in person and it is not an SUV bike - it is a
    bigger super-motard with a mondo engine - do not confuse this baby with a
    Grand Canyon or Pegaso or GS or Caponord - it really is one cool bike. I
    honestly think that at some point in the future I will have to buy one...

    Ron Loewy, Sep 17, 2003
  10. Actually, they should be very NICE for the urban jungle. A commuter
    bike is often limited as much by the bags and mirrors as the bars (so
    the SUV-bikes don't actually add that much width), and the tall
    position gives a nice view over/around the morons.

    And the weight is not much more than the standards: a V-Strom weighs a
    less than a VFR, and only about 25 lbs more than a 919.
    Yeah, but still blows away 98% of the cars in acceleration....
    Yeah, they do have a lot of image over off-road functionality.

    But they are actually among the best bargans, as they really are very
    capable road-bikes, with comfy seating and solid ergonomics for two,
    good wind protection, strong motors, available luggage, at a price and
    weight a lot lower than the dedicated tourers.

    Me, I'd rather have a FZ-6 over a SV-Strom, (I'd like a fair-bit more
    sporty with my practicality) but I see why my girlfriend would
    probably prefer the SV-Strom.
    Nicholas C. Weaver, Sep 17, 2003
  11. Nicholas C. Weaver

    Ron Loewy Guest

    I actually think that on the right roads - a Multistrada will be faster than
    most sport bikes - and that is the very twisty stuff with real world roads -
    manholes, broken pavement etc... - The tall and thin look has true benefits
    like more relaxed riding position and easier leverage on the handlebars for
    fast easy turns even at lower speeds.

    I did not ride a Multistrada - but I did see one and sat on it - and my
    impression is that it will be an excellent all-around bike. It might not be
    as fast as true racereps - but that's not the right kind of use for this
    bike. If you want to do track days - get a racerep - but I am under the
    impression that for a lot of places a Multistrada will be as much fun and
    often a lot more fun that your average racerep. Granted, my playbike is a
    KTM Duke - so I am the kind of customer for these bikes. The KTM is the most
    fun bike I ever had a chance to ride - bar none.

    BTW - The difference between a "SUV" bike and a super-motard like the Duke
    or a sport-bike in drag like the Multistrada is mostly in the brakes,
    suspension tuning, wheels package and tires. I have two bikes - an old NX650
    dual-sport (read "SUV") - which btw, has no problems keeping up with much
    faster machine in the real twisty stuff close to where I live - but will
    never keep up once the road opens up. The NX has weak brakes by sportbike
    standards - because it needs to work fine off-road and you can not have too
    much brakes in the loose stuff, it has a lot of suspension travel (same
    reason) and dual-sport wheels and tires. The KTM is a sport bike on a
    Dirt-bike frame - it is tiny, very light (340lbs wet with Electric Starter,
    I belive), has sport bike wheels and tires, short springs and wp shocks and
    great brakes (as in it stops NOW!) - while the bikes look very similar -
    they are completly different - and I suspect that the Multistrada is
    something in the same idea as a KTM, only with better long-distance manners.
    The KTM will again be no match to traditional sport bikes in the open road -
    but in the real twisty stuff - the same rider will be much faster on the

    From the people I talked to that rode the Multistrada - I heard they were
    all very surprised how much fun it is to ride. I did not have a chance to
    ride one - but it sure walks like a duck and quacks like one - so I suspect
    it will be... - it strucks me as something less agile than the KTM, but with
    more of a traditional sportbike power and manners for the open road.

    Ron Loewy, Sep 18, 2003
  12. Nicholas C. Weaver

    Don Guest

    The 599 is just like the Hornet I saw in Hong Kong in 1999, but a bit more
    expensive. $7000 is a bit much for this bike unless it's just like a F4, but
    without the bodywork.
    Don, Oct 4, 2003
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