Honda CBF250 guest bike, worked, then leaked, now won’t crank?

Discussion in 'Bike Maintenance and Repair' started by steelhorseangel, Sep 25, 2023.

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    Sep 25, 2023
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    Hi riders & wrenchers.

    I bought a little Honda CBF250 06 dead on EBay.
    This is for a bike for any friends who wanted a family ride out.
    Slim enough not to fill the 5 bike garage.

    Greetings from across The Pond!

    On checking the compression, it was 50 psi and it needed a new top end build,
    a compression test now shows 160 psi.
    The charging was low, stator rewound and replaced.
    The regulator rectifier was upgraded to a Mosfet one.
    New battery - Motobatt 130 CCA.
    New starter motor.
    New starter solenoid - UK made.
    New Honda neutral switch.

    The first ride out/ shake out, 2 weeks ago resulted in the bike crankcase sprung a small leak.
    Dad advised ‘I should’ve changed the used gasket, for a new one, but didn’t
    and never told me!’

    The bikes crankcase was cleaned thoroughly and 3 Bond, as used on motorsport
    vehicle sealed the crankcase well.

    I discovered the previous had also used thin gauge copper cable on the starter solenoid to the battery positive and this got very hot, also the battery got too hot too.

    The solenoid to battery positive cable was upgraded to the correct gauge.
    I changed the battery too.

    On turning the ignition key, all the instrument gauges self checks and all the bike lights work.
    On seeing the neutral switch, side stand down, I pull in the clutch lever and push the start button.
    The bike clicks, once nothing more.

    All fuses. check, all check ok.

    I’ve changed the starter solenoid and removed the new starter motor and tested it, it spins up
    with gusto, lots of power there.
    I Newcastle reinstalled the starter motor.
    Connected the battery.

    Just a click, no crank.
    Swopped out a working starter solenoid, same ‘just click!’

    I’ve jumped the clutch, side stand safety switches, all good.
    Also checked cleaned the brass connectors in the start switch
    and it just ‘clicks’.

    Finally swopped out tri diodes and 2 pin diode and that didn’t do anything.

    My final test was a voltage drop test and it went from 13.00v to 6.00v.

    I’m unable to bump start it as I’ve a disability.

    The bike lights up and wont crank, just a ‘click’.

    What a conundrum, the bike ran a fortnight ago, yet no won’t crank, silent.

    Any help and greatly appreciated biker buddies.

    Many thanks

    steelhorseangel, Sep 25, 2023
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