honda nighthawk 750 vs magna 750

Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by Lynn McGuire, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. Lynn McGuire

    Lynn McGuire Guest

    Continuation of my previous re-starter nike question:

    Does anyone have any recommendations on getting a Honda nighthawk
    750 versus a Honda Magna 750 ? I visited a guy selling a Honda NH
    750 this last weekend. He had just bought a 96 Magna 750 to replace
    his 95 NH 750. He had just sold the NH over the phone to another
    person when I showed up but I got to take a ride on the NH anyway.
    Really enjoyed the bike !

    He bought the magna because he thought it was a much more comfortable
    bike than the NH for road trips. He recommended the magna as a better
    re-starter bike. Any other opinions out there ?

    Lynn McGuire
    Lynn McGuire, Nov 25, 2003
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  2. Lynn McGuire

    fullstate Guest

    Oh yeah, always opinions. I had a '98 Magna. LOVED IT. It was very
    comfy on long stints, but the tank will only net you about 105 miles
    at a pop. You will have to fit a Valkarie tank if you want to go

    Only two complaints I had about the bike was NO be
    prepared to buy bags or something....

    And.... only ONE rotor up front. That bikes needs a little more
    stopping power.

    The bike, though, ran like a bitch and handled the best out of any
    cruiser I ever rode. Only reason I got rid of 'er was that I was
    riding so aggressively I was scraping pegs. I figured I needed
    something a little more sporting.

    Also keep in mind that no matter what you do to's still a
    V-Four. It will NEVER sound like a V-Twin cruiser. never, ever,
    ever, ever, ever, never.... Now, if you stick some Jardines on it,
    it'll be the loudest som'bitch you ever heard. Louder than those
    V-twins. Vance & Hines are probably a little more subdued, though.

    Can't speak from personal experience on the Night Hawk, but that was
    also a very good bike. Quite a bit different from the Magna, though.

    fullstate, Nov 25, 2003
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  3. Lynn McGuire

    Lynn McGuire Guest

    Continuation of my previous re-starter nike question:

    I wish I could spell "bike".
    I did notice that the Magna tank is 3.8 gal. Wild West Honda in Katy
    has a 98 Valkyrie for $7500. I am tempted to go take a look. BTW,
    he was claiming 45 mpg on both the NH and the Magna on the road.
    He also said that the Magna was more highway geared than the NH.
    Nighthawk has same problem.
    Huh. Dry weight of NH is 463 lbs. Magna is 505 lbs. Valkyrie is
    681 lbs. The front brake on the NH was a monster.
    Uh, not me.
    I'm 43 and already lost a lot of my hearing due to loud rock-n-roll/
    country and working in power plants. I dont want loud. If I wanted a
    twin sound then one of the 2004 HD sportsters would be better for me.
    Yup. I really dont know what I want right now. Except I do know
    that I want Honda and not too heavy. The Magna's seat is significantly
    lower than the NH though (lower center of gravity - more stable ? ).
    And the riding position is more laid back too. And the 2nd rider (if I
    can persuade my wife to ride with me) is more comfortable also
    (according to this guys wife).

    Lynn McGuire, Nov 25, 2003
  4. Lynn McGuire

    fullstate Guest

    A lot of people really love those Valkyries. Keep in mind those
    engines will run 200K+ miles, with regular maintenance.
    Yeah, the one on the magna isn't....and you got a drum in the rear.
    If you aren't riding real aggressively it may not be an issue, but
    there was definitely a few times that I was trying to slow that bike
    down and was thinking (very quickly of course) "It would be real nice
    if there was another rotor up front." LOL
    Yup, and you will never get that from either the NH, Valk, or Magna.
    The engines just aren't made that way.
    Well don't let the riders position fool you with the whole CG thing.
    The riding position of the magna is laid back...that is for sure, but
    not as laid back as a custom. It was a great bike for getting around
    town, too. Just no storage. I took the bitch-seat off, but for a
    factory bike it does have one of the more comfy ones.

    BTW - go here to see a pic of my '98. Most of the pics are of my
    Aprilia, though.

    fullstate, Nov 25, 2003
  5. Lynn McGuire

    Lynn McGuire Guest

    Well don't let the riders position fool you with the whole CG thing.
    Good to know that the Magna is a good around town bike too.
    Could not get that URL to work. Got another ?

    There are 2 magna's for sale in the Houston area right now, 2001 for $5500 1998 for $4500

    Lynn McGuire, Nov 25, 2003
  6. I'm impressed with Wild West; good folks. And if I were in the market for
    a cruiser, the Valkyrie would be my first choice. Read some on-line
    reviews; the experts love both the Magna and the Valk; either would be a
    great choice.

    Albert Nurick

    '97 Honda Pacific Coast
    '93 Honda Helix
    '87 Honda Helix
    Albert Nurick, Nov 25, 2003
  7. Lynn McGuire

    fullstate Guest

    Sorry, try this:

    Two clean bikes. I think $5500 might be a tad steep, but you looks
    like you could talk 'em down a bit.

    fullstate, Nov 25, 2003
  8. Lynn McGuire

    Lynn McGuire Guest

    Lynn McGuire, Nov 26, 2003
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