HTF do I put an ART can back on my SV?

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by Angus Spangle, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. Hello peeps and knowledgeable bodies[1]

    My recently acquired SV650s came with an ART can. An OEM can had been
    refitted by the dealer, and I want to put the ART can back on, and I
    need a bit or bits[2].

    The original exhaust system was chopped 5 or 6 inches upstream of the
    original can. The replacement OEM can has the 5 or 6 inches of length
    (it may even be the original can), which is attached by a connecting
    tube that fits inbetween the perforated inner wall and the outerwall
    of the exhaust of both the upstream & downstream bits of the exhaust.
    The whole thing is secured/sealed by a big wide jubilee clip around
    the join. Let's try some awful ASCII section drawing...

    '''' ''''

    where <underscore> "_" is the outerwall, "H" is the jubilee clip,
    <minus> "-" is the connecting tube, <apostrophe> "'" is the perforated
    inner wall. (Note this is just top half of a section drawing.)

    Now the ART can that I have has a protruding "flange" that protudes
    about 1.5 inches out of the upstream end of the can and directly out
    in a straight line. Hence "bit" missing between exhaust and can.

    a) What's the missing "bit" called?
    b) Is this 5 or 6 inch chop a standard way of fitting a [ART] race can
    for SVs?
    c) Is this "bit" a standard part?
    d) If so, where would I get one from? ART? LBS?
    e) If not, WTF do I do? WTF would I get the correct "bit" fabricated?

    Apologies if all this is available on the wu-wu-wu. Goggle didn't help
    much, and WTF does ARTs site not have a "skip intro" ARRRGGHHH! (And
    no useful info.)

    [1] Well, knowledgeable bodies really, but hello to other peeps
    [2] Sorry dudes, that's as close a technical term I can think of.


    Angus Spangle, Jan 30, 2004
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  2. Angus Spangle

    dwb Guest

    Completely flummoxed by the rest of your post, but yes cutting them here is
    standard on SV's for most 3rd party exhausts.
    dwb, Jan 30, 2004
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