I wanna

Discussion in 'Classic Motorbikes' started by Holden McThynge, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. replace a long lost love.

    Norton Dominatrix 88, early 60's. breadloaf tank. Any ideas where to look
    in Europe?
    Holden McThynge, Mar 3, 2004
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  2. Holden McThynge

    'Hog Guest

    Eh, look, how do we say this...

    so a "must have" really
    'Hog, Mar 3, 2004
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  3. a so called feather-bed frame, my bumm went numb within thirty minutes.
    had a fricking magneto. The '67 bonny I had later was much more civilized;
    but the Dominatrix 88 was the one who left me on the side of the road, in
    the rain and mud, cursing, weeping and begging for a quick death or at least
    not to be recognized.
    Holden McThynge, Mar 3, 2004
  4. Holden McThynge

    tallbloke Guest


    tallbloke, Mar 5, 2004
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