Importing guidelines/FAQ - a few updates for Timo

Discussion in 'Classic Motorbikes' started by chrisu, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. chrisu

    chrisu Guest


    Just having imported a(nother) Z1R from holland a few updates to your
    excellent importing guide.

    Mostly as you described but the folks at the DVLA also need a customs
    for filling in. Some of it is a bit woolly and i wasn't sure which box
    to tick for left or right hand drive ;-) . I made a best guess and
    they were happy apparently.

    Also its worth noting that it is now a legal requirement for a bike
    insured on a frame number to be UK registered within 14 days. Auntie
    Carole got very insistent and talked about having to cancel my insurance
    if I didn't comply. In any event the nice lady at the DVLA faxed through
    the reg number (bless her) within the time limit.

    picture of said thing here............... modified/z1rmod018.jpg
    chrisu, Jun 4, 2007
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  2. Coo, that is definitely worth knowing. Ta.
    The Older Gentleman, Jun 4, 2007
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  3. chrisu

    Naqerj Guest

    I think it's more that Insurance companies can't issue a certificate on
    a frame number, only a cover note. If you haven't got it registered by
    the time the cover note runs out then they are able to issue another
    cover note, but expect the third degree about why you haven't registered
    it in time.

    If everything goes to plan, a fortnight should be long enough but, if
    you've insured it to take it for an MoT, and it fails.....
    Naqerj, Jun 4, 2007
  4. chrisu

    Timo Geusch Guest

    Thanks a lot for the update, I'll see that I can amend the guide in the
    next couple of days.
    Timo Geusch, Jun 4, 2007
  5. chrisu

    chrisu Guest

    nope - auntie carole was insistent it was a DVLA/Gov't requirement.
    Course that could have been just bullshit......
    chrisu, Jun 4, 2007
  6. I think they can issue a certificate, yes, if only for theft. Otherwise
    all those unrestored "project bikes" would be uninsured.
    The Older Gentleman, Jun 4, 2007
  7. chrisu

    Oily Guest

    "^..^ Lone Wolf" wrote........
    Cheapskate! :) Wot's that black tank? It would look better in black
    over chrome. Nice though.

    Oily, Jun 5, 2007
  8. Wotcha.
    Just phoned Auntie Carole and got the policy for the B31 changed.
    Ah well - it's done now.
    ^..^ Lone Wolf, Jun 5, 2007
  9. chrisu

    Oily Guest

    "^..^ Lone Wolf" wrote............
    I don't know which paint is 'real paint' these days but when I welded the
    tank on mine and burned most of the paint from the side and bottom I just
    brushed it with the smooth variety of Hammerite and it seems to be holding
    alright after about seven years. It welded OK with argoshield mix just
    slowly blowing through the tank while welding it with oxy-acetylene.

    Oily, Jun 5, 2007
  10. Wotcha.
    I agree - chrome would look nice.
    There happened to be a bloody great dent in the side ( which I found later )
    hence it was painted black. . . . . . with paint that was not petrol
    Can you guess what happened when I filled up ( also not noticing there was
    no seal in the filler cap ) and
    the fuel spilled out ?
    Let's powder coat the bloody thing - ah, I see my magnet doesn't stick to
    the one side.
    Right then, black it is - this time with real paint.

    Ah, the joys of old BSAs.
    ^..^ Lone Wolf, Jun 5, 2007
  11. chrisu

    Oily Guest

    I had a friend who had a dent in his tank on a Honda900F a few years ago
    and his mate says "You can blow it out with compressed air", so he says "can
    I use your compressor" and I said he could. I was busy doing something else
    at the time and when I looked round he had put about 30 psi in it. It was
    one of those tanks that sort of fold round the top of the engine but it was
    flat when he'd finished, with a dirty big crease all the way down the top, I
    was pissing myself laughing for the rest of the afternoon and he had to go
    and buy another one.

    Oily, Jun 5, 2007
  12. Wotcha.
    I've not had much problem with Hammerite, but there again, I tend to use it
    on frames rather than tanks.
    My painting ability extends to waving a brush about in the vain hope that
    some of the paint goes where it should - anything that needs a good finish
    is left in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing when it comes
    to paint.
    I remember welding the filler neck on a trike tank. Said tank was given to
    a friend's son with the instruction to fill it with water. Off he went, and
    a few minuets later the tank was sat back on the floor. I held the filler
    neck in place, and my mate Pete ( who, unlike me, can actually weld ) went
    to tack it in place. There was a dull "whoomph", and a nice blue flame
    curled out of the tank and under the welding mask. Loud cursing, mingled
    with the unmistakeable smell of burning beard ensued. Sadly, I laughed. It
    seems our young "welder's apprentice" had filled the tank with water - then
    emptied it all out again, thinking that just washing the tank would be OK.
    It could have ended very much worse :) At least it gave me something to
    titter about.
    ^..^ Lone Wolf, Jun 5, 2007
  13. Wotcha.
    Yep - 1954 according the BSA dating service.
    Strangely enough, no. I had doubts about the brakes, and remembering how
    bad my old M21 was in the stopping department, I was going to change the
    front end. After riding the bike for a while I was surprised to find I
    didn't so much as think about the brakes, or lack of.
    I had the same brakes on my old A10 and never had any problem with stopping.
    I have an eight inch twin leader on my project B33, but there's a good
    chance that will not be used. I've got my eye on a Triumph single disk
    front end - providing it comes at the right price ;-)
    ^..^ Lone Wolf, Jun 5, 2007
  14. chrisu

    Steve Guest

    On 4/6/07 18:07, in article , "chrisu"

    Auntie Carole mentioned the 14 days when I insured my Boxer Cup on its
    Guernsey reg no , but nothing came of it when I exceeded this my a
    considerable margin , thanks to the plebs at the DVLA who refused to accept
    my Certificate of Conformity as being valid.

    After them rejecting it twice I managed to contact a very nice man who turns
    out to be the head of the Vehicle Certification Agency , a Mr Gus Gander ,
    telephone number 0117 952 4119.
    He suggested I get the DVLA plebs to ring him and he would explain the rules
    to them [1].

    The rules were duly explained and my reg no arrived last week.Lovely it is :


    [1] Something to do with vehicles first registered abroad after the 17/6/03
    requiring European Whole Vehicle Approval.Mine was 1st registered in
    November 02....
    Steve, Jun 5, 2007
  15. I blew out a crease in the side of a fuel tank with CA.

    Someone's knee had just pushed in the side of the tank. I wrapped
    several inches of old inner tube around the nozzle of a garage airline,
    stuck it in the filler hole, turned off the fuel tap, and prayed.

    It worked :))
    The Older Gentleman, Jun 5, 2007
  16. chrisu

    Oily Guest

    "The Older Gentleman" wrote.......
    I've done one or two over the years but I've left the cap on and fitted an
    adaptor to the fuel tap hole, put the air through a paint shop regulator
    which you can turn up as you watch it and just increase the pressure slowly
    until you can see it stretching slightly, then tap round the edge of the
    dent with a nylon hammer and in most cases it comes out, you only need a
    couple of PSI or so.

    Oily, Jun 5, 2007
  17. Neat.
    The Older Gentleman, Jun 6, 2007
  18. chrisu

    chrisu Guest

    now I'm not a fan of beemers but I quite like the look of that..........
    chrisu, Jun 6, 2007
  19. does look quite smart.

    WTF is that hiding behind it?
    Austin Shackles, Jun 6, 2007
  20. ^..^ Lone Wolf, Jun 6, 2007
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