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Discussion in 'Classic Motorbikes' started by WorkTOG, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. WorkTOG

    WorkTOG Guest

    On this:

    The seatneeds complete replacement: ukp150.

    The entire exhaust system needs replacing too, as it looks completely
    faded away to me, and it's been painted to hide corrosion. Another

    Rear mudguards are rocking horse shit, and count on ukp100 for a
    perfect one (one rechromed one made that sort of dosh on Ebay

    The rear shocks are off something else. Another ukp80 for decent

    There's something amiss with the tank. He says it'll need a respray -
    count on ukp250 for a decent job on tank and panels.

    Strip and frame refurbishment - ukp75 for the powder coating.

    Chain guard - again, bloody hard to find. ukp25.

    Bars are non-standard too.

    To turn this into a decent 400 Four, then, is going to cost well over
    ukp900. Working on the useful "add 50%" rule, and you're closer to

    I wouldn't touch it with yours. For 400 quid it'd make a decent donor
    WorkTOG, Oct 28, 2003
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