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Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by CampinGazz, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. CampinGazz

    CampinGazz Guest

    Thanks for the help on my last post, know now my GF can ride upto a 125cc
    bike/scoot (that's learner legal) on L plates with just a CBT pass, (and
    insurance, mot and tax)

    The scoot we get will be Sam's, so log book in her name, and insured in her
    name too.

    We're only getting third party insurance on the scoot,
    TP only is £111 a year, seems to be the same for any make of scoot upto
    125CC worth upto £500 (cheapo chinkie make of aprillia type) this is through
    H&R, who i'm also with for my virago, but the underwriters may be different.

    However if we add me to the scoot policy it bumps it up to almost £300 a
    year, half of that is 'cos we're now having pillion cover (as when i ride it
    sam will be on the back), but also i have 9 points and a claim against me,
    but not relating to a bike,
    and amazingly H&R didn't up my premium this year when the points and claim
    were declared! they actually dropped it by £120 for 2 yrs no claims on the

    Soooo, as i have riding other bikes on my fully comp virago policy, usual
    clauses: not owned or hired to me, insured by the owner etc,
    Can i use my riding other bikes cover when i ride sam's scoot? as it wont be
    mine, it'll be all in her name and insured by her, we're not married but are
    living together.

    Or any other way to do this without paying more to insure a small scooter
    third party than i do to insure my virago fully comp,
    CampinGazz, Oct 24, 2006
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  2. CampinGazz

    wessie Guest

    How unnecessarily polite.
    Yes, sounds like the scoot fits the criteria i.e. registered in the name of
    another person. The only thing you haven't said is whether your own policy
    allows pillions should you wish to go 2 up on the scoot.
    wessie, Oct 24, 2006
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  3. CampinGazz

    CampinGazz Guest

    Yup, have pillion cover on the virago, as i'm never on the bike without sam
    on the back for some reason.

    So that'll save a wad of cash, now dare i mention i also want to tow a
    trailer with my dog in behind the scoot when we're abroad :)
    That's a very common sight in the south of france when we were there last
    time, but not sure UK insurance would cover that kind of thing,
    But then third party only shouldent matter, just need to see if towing a
    trailer is forbiden on the insurance i guess.
    CampinGazz, Oct 24, 2006
  4. In, CampinGazz belched forth and ejected the
    Yes but probably third party only.
    Whinging Courier, Oct 25, 2006
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