INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence was not worth a cent when he took his own life

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    Sydney: INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence was not worth a cent when he took
    his own life in a Sydney hotel eight years ago, reports said Saturday.

    The Australian band filled stadiums, topped the charts and sold 30 million
    records in the 1980s, but was short of fans when 37-year-old Hutchence died
    in 1997.

    The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the Hutchence estate was valued at
    nothing by his executors despite his reported ownership of properties in
    Australia, England, France and Indonesia, luxury cars and steady royalty
    payments from INXS.

    Hutchence's financial advisers told the paper that the hard-living rocker
    hid his millions in trust companies around the world. They said Hutchence
    didn't want his "thieving relatives" and his "girlfriends" getting his

    In the year before his death, he made a will in which Amnesty International
    and Greenpeace would each get 250,000 Australian dollars ($187,000), but the
    money was never paid.

    Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily, his daughter by the late Paula Yates, former
    wife of ex-rocker and global philanthropic saint Sir Bob Geldof, was to have
    received half of the remaining estate, with the other half split between his
    then partner, Yates, his mother, father, brother and sister.

    Yates, broken-hearted by Hutchence's hanging death in the Ritz-Carlton
    Hotel, died of a drug overdose.

    Since the loss, INXS has played to smaller and smaller audiences.

    American soul singer Terence Trent D'Arby tried out for the position left
    vacant by Hutchence, as did Australian crooner Jon Stevens, but nothing came
    of the experiment.

    This year, the remaining members turned to reality television to earn money
    on the INXS franchise. "Rock Star" follows the fortunes of the band as it
    auditions potential replacements for Hutchence.
    Guest, Oct 31, 2005
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