Irish Road Racing

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Racing' started by light_flyer, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. light_flyer

    light_flyer Guest

    Anyone ever been over to Ireland to watch/ or compete ! in the
    "Roadracing" scene over there.
    Jesus... was over last year in County Antrim and went to a meeting
    called "Mid Antrim 150" ... they are racing on small country
    roads....on 125's up to 1000's... this is a big sport over there with
    big team participation.
    Just wondering if anyone else was over to witness it, if not then it
    is worth a trip over... makes circuit racing look slow ! .... or as
    some of the guys over there call circuit racing "car park racing".
    Going over this year again as a flight from Luton is only £59 return.
    By the way a website called has some things on
    it about the scene over there and on the IOM too.

    light_flyer, Jan 22, 2004
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  2. light_flyer

    Peer Landa Guest

    Wow, Jesus was over there..?!

    -- peer
    Peer Landa, Jan 24, 2004
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  3. light_flyer

    JK Guest

    He was on a triumph.... got a loan of it from Moses.. he used to come down
    the mountain on it...LOL
    JK, Jan 24, 2004
  4. light_flyer

    Battleax Guest

    Bible quote
    And Moses rode his triumph across the land.
    Battleax, Jan 24, 2004
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