Is teflon gasoline resistant / proof?

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by Mike Corey, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Mike Corey

    Mike Corey Guest

    I'm having problems with a carb float bowl leaking where it mates with
    the carb body. It's one of those cheap 24mm OKO carbs I installed on a
    Honda XR100. The carb doesn't have screws holding the float bowl to the
    carb body. It has a spring steel wire that snaps the bowl in place. The
    carb really made the XR100 come alive, as alive a XR100 can be anyhow.
    So I'd like to use it if possible. That, and the first race of the
    season is in a couple weeks, so I don't have much time to get another
    carb and go threw the hassles of re-jetting.

    I tried Permatex 2B, and Permatex copper head gasket sealant, but the
    gas ate them away. The copper sealant held the longest, about three
    weeks. I bought a tube of teflon thread / gasket sealant that is slow
    dry soft set. It says it's good for all fuels, but is it really?

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    Mike Corey, Dec 27, 2008
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