I've finally done it!

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by David Thompson, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. After months of lurking, planning and plotting, I've got the blessing
    of the examiner to be let loose on the road.

    Not totally uneventful through. The last minute practice drive to the
    test centre and a quick, let's do one more u-turn and bam, I hit the
    cerb, miss my footing and bike come crashing down on top and pins me
    to the ground.

    Instructure helps me extracate myself from the mess and sets about
    replacing the mirror. At this point we are about 10 minutes before the
    test time and I'm seriously 'wibbling'.

    We set off regardless, more 'wibbling' on my behalf and Dave (the
    instructor) sets me straight on a few things!

    Take and pass the test. Bloody elated!

    Get home and eagerly kit up to drive my garaged bandit 600s, freshly
    delivered last Tuesday and, bugger, the battery is flat as a pancake!

    I guess I will need to wait until tomorrow to actually get on the road
    proper after all.
    David Thompson, Sep 29, 2003
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  2. David Thompson wrote
    Well done and welcome to the darkest side.
    Yebbut, in time honoured tradition, you are allowed to sit on your bike
    in the garage and go "Vrooooom Vroooooom."
    steve auvache, Sep 29, 2003
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  3. David Thompson

    Nidge Guest

    He's also allowed to bounce start the bastard!
    How *could* he *wait*? Tcha : (

    In case CBT & DAS didn't cover that, this is how you do it.

    Best: Find moderate hill:
    Turn on fuel. Sit at top on bike, brake on. Check kill switch is not set to
    'off'. Switch on ignition. Apply maybe 1/4 choke. Engage 2nd gear. Hold
    clutch in. Release brakes. Roll to about 12 / 15 mph & drop clutch swiftly.
    Bike's motor turns over and should fire up. If not then return choke to
    normal and do again slightly quicker with about 1/4 throttle.

    Flat area:
    As above but this time either you find people dumb enough to push (preferred
    option) or you run with it in neutral, leap on clutch in, select gear
    sharpish, drop clutch. With practice you can run with it in gear (clutch in)
    leap on side-saddle whilst you drop clutch (so your back wheel has enough
    weight to get traction & turn motor over) leap off and keep shoving - This
    may not be so easy for a newbie though and you don't wanna fall off & drop

    You know you want to ride it.
    You know you can't wait.
    Go for it!

    You will be having *very* pointed words with the vendor about selling you a
    bike with either a fkd battery or an electrical fault. Do *not* believe
    they didn't know. A dealer should, an owner would. Where's it from?

    ZX6R J2 Stunning in zit yellow. Bits of CB500S in Norwegian Parrot blue.

    'Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand'.
    (Homer Simpson).
    Nidge, Sep 29, 2003
  4. David Thompson

    AndrewR Guest

    Y'know, there could be hours of fun watching a newbie try this.

    So, if you're going to give it a go set up a web-cam first, please.

    AndrewR, D.Bot (Celeritas)
    Kawasaki ZX-6R J1
    BOTAFOT#2,ITJWTFO#6,UKRMRM#1/13a,MCT#1,DFV#2,SKoGA#0 (and KotL)
    BotToS#5,SBS#25,IbW#34, TEAR#3 (and KotL), DS#5, Keeper of the TFSTR#
    The speccy Geordie twat.
    AndrewR, Sep 29, 2003
  5. David Thompson

    Cane Guest

    Good for you Dave. Welcome to the dark side and all that. Where are you
    based and when are you coming out for a run?

    cane [at] ukrm.org ¦ fireblade, r30
    botafo t#50 f#03 YTC #15 bbb #6 pm #6 apostle [kotl] flo#12[with bar]
    New? http://www.ukrm.net/faq/ukrmscbt.html
    Rideout? http://www.horrible.demon.co.uk/botafof/
    "Suckling the Mender"
    Cane, Sep 29, 2003
  6. David Thompson

    Alan.T.Gower Guest

    I thought that he's only passed his test, not bought an angle grinder.
    Alan.T.Gower, Sep 29, 2003
  7. David Thompson

    Alan.T.Gower Guest

    Well batted there sir.
    Alan.T.Gower, Sep 29, 2003
  8. Alan.T.Gower wrote
    Give him time.
    steve auvache, Sep 29, 2003
  9. Guilty as charged. 'Tad embarrasing to be caught at it by the local
    teeny mob though!
    David Thompson, Sep 30, 2003
  10. David Thompson

    Wik Guest

    OTOH, bike could have an alarm fitted of the old and shite Datatool
    variety and been sat there for a while sucking the life out of the

    Fannily enarf, I met a blerk a few months back at Chiswick 'Onda who'd
    just poichased a blue Bindit 600. Well chuffed he was and said so to all
    who'd listen. Sounded like a bloody bargain, too; 02-plated Bindit6, 13k
    miles, FSH, etc. a smidge over £2k.

    "'Kin 'ell!" I exclaimed to him and then, (half) joking, "What's wrong
    with it, then?"

    "Nuffing!" says he.

    Cue five minutes of him trying to start it and the bike cranking over
    slower and slooower and slooooower before "Whrrr-click-click-click".

    Oh deary me...
    Wik, Sep 30, 2003
  11. David Thompson

    Wik Guest

    Conga-rats, chap.

    Now, DFC.
    Wik, Sep 30, 2003
  12. David Thompson

    sweller Guest

    Where abouts? I'm sure the next run somewhere, a FOt or a FOF perhaps,
    you could ride up with me, (Hove, East Sussex), I've only got an old
    bike. Shouldn't be a problem.
    sweller, Sep 30, 2003
  13. David Thompson

    Pip Guest

    Slow it is, easy to keep up with. And huge, so easy to follow through
    traffic and junctions. Oh, and black. Very very black so no chance
    of sweller blending into the background unless that's black too.
    Ideal, really.
    Pip, Oct 1, 2003
  14. East Grinstead way.

    Just taken the thing out in the pouring rain; to say I was crapping
    myself on the twisty downhill corners is an understatement. Not that
    anything slipped, I just have NO idea how 'sticky' this is!

    After all the scare stories during the CBT and DAS, I've much learning
    to do...
    David Thompson, Oct 1, 2003
  15. David Thompson

    Muck Guest

    I'm only just down the road in Uckfield myself..
    It's not rained for a bit, so it is quite slippy out there now.
    Be careful and ride your own ride, and you'll be ok.

    Bandit 600n(With added ducktape); CG125(MSOTHPR)
    "I've got a CG125, and I'm not affraid to use it."
    DS#1 ; DOMO#1 ; SH#2 ; ICQ: 166144431
    Remove _TEETH_ to e-mail
    Muck, Oct 1, 2003
  16. Well done! As they have all said already, the learning has only just
    started. I am a newly qualified rider, having never ridden a bike in
    my life before doing my DAS last November. At least you got on a bike
    straight away. I think it is really important to do that. I made the
    big mistake of leaving it until the following April before buying a
    bike (for various reasons, one of which was a bus crash I was involved
    in!) and have only managed 500 or so miles so far.
    So, I'm still trying very hard to gain confidence taking corners etc.
    Each ride is a continuous learning process for me and I feel like a
    complete novice compared with my fellow riders who have more
    experience - one of whom is my husband who has been riding since a
    teenager, another of whom is a bike/car instructor! Some days you
    will go out, have a fantastic ride and return home elated. Other
    times, you will ride like a complete idiot (as I did on a trip with
    six or so bikers last week) and go home feeling like you're total
    However, it is fantastic knowing I now have a licence to ride a
    motorbike. It is something I have been meaning to do for years. One
    day, I might even be able to ride it properly! :)

    Mandy Collins, Oct 2, 2003
  17. Hi Mr PW. Well, with all that riding, you must be quite an expert.
    So, any advice you would like to offer is gratefully accepted :)
    Even if I used the bike every day for work, it would take me ages to
    do 500 more miles! I only work 3.5 miles from my office! What do
    you do to cover so many miles a week?
    Mandy Collins, Oct 3, 2003
  18. David Thompson

    Mark Olson Guest

    Oh, I dunno... go on a ride somewhere, 'cos you just enjoy it, like?

    Hint: you don't *have* to take the shortest route betwixt home and work,
    you know.
    Mark Olson, Oct 3, 2003
  19. David Thompson

    Charders Guest

    I only work 3.5 miles from home. I do that in the car to get to work.
    When I take the bike in, the journey is around 28 miles...depending on
    which route I take.

    Sets me up for the day with a big smile :eek:)
    Charders, Oct 5, 2003

  20. I'll try it one morning! Will make a change from the usual method for
    putting a big smile on my face! :-o)
    Mandy Collins, Oct 6, 2003
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