Jerry Doyle: Door a biker haha

Discussion in 'Bay Area Bikers' started by mentALEXcersize, May 17, 2007.

  1. Dear fellow bikers:
    As a casual listener to Jerry's show, I was amazed to hear him joking about
    dooring lane-splitting bikers. Didn't a DJ lose his job a couple years ago
    for the same kind of shiat?? Doyle had seemed decent if a tad boring up to
    that point. I turned it off and listened to a CD. The next day I was
    driving around and sure enough, Doyle is caught by surprise by the reaction,
    and spends his show talking about Nazi networked bikers with no sense of
    humor. So I googled his website, and there is a picture of Jerry Doyle,
    skinhead in black shirt. Nazi bikers indeed. What an ass. I wrote him a
    letter that basically said,

    "the kids next door occasionally get rowdy while I am trying to sleep, so
    I'd like to hear a pedophile make some jokes about raping and torturing
    those kids. Do you have kids, Jerry Doyle? It's funny, right? Just like
    dooring a biker and causing injury and death, I'm laughing my head off."

    Jerry Doyle is on KNEW 910 AM 12-3pm. Screw dickhead. Let them know we are
    disgusted by the hypocrisy. If you heard him and his biker BS, what did you

    Alex C.
    '97 YZF1000
    mentALEXcersize, May 17, 2007
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  2. mentALEXcersize

    Timberwoof Guest

    You should call up the CHP and ask them what they think of someone
    advocating opening car doors at bikers. Give them the details. The last
    time, a CHP public relations officer went and had a talk with the
    station managers and the radio personality.
    Timberwoof, May 17, 2007
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  3. mentALEXcersize

    Alan Moore Guest

    Mosty I listen to KCBS, so I didn't hear him. I do recall the other
    case you mentioned. The DJ kept his job, after a public apology, and
    actually took the MSF basic course, as I recall. I don't know if he
    rides now, though.

    Letters to the KNEW management might be in order from anyone who heard
    the broadcast. Keep it polite, and formal. Remark that advocating
    vehicular assault against people who are themselves acting in full
    accord with the law may itself be actionable, and ask what they intend
    to do.

    Al Moore
    DoD 734
    Alan Moore, May 17, 2007
  4. I like that. By simply making the station management aware of what
    the guy said and what it means, we could turn the situation to our
    advantage. Get an on-air apology, perhaps have bikers on the show to
    explain that lane-splitting is indeed legal and doesn't make anyone
    later to work.

    If the DJ in the previous case took an MSF course, whether or not he
    rides now, he would at least have a better understanding of what's
    involved. Just as anyone who's ever worked in a restaurant usually
    tips better when they eat out. 8^)
    Blazing Laser, May 17, 2007
  5. Glad I missed that, although I generally avoid KNEW due to their
    crappy signal & 5th Reichian bent. ;)

    Doyle is just another flannel-gummed "personality" on a low-rated
    Clear Channel-owned talk station trying to stir up the sh*te, so he'll
    get some press...

    anybody here recall Turner & Twitch, or whover those jackasses on KSJO
    were called?? Some years back, they pulled the same &^%$-in' stunt on
    another CC station, the old KSJO. No doubt stuck in traffic, jealously
    whining as bike after bike split lanes around them.

    Well, I heard that this resulted in a few hundred bikers AND
    bicyclists showing up at the KSJO studios, resulting in a management-
    dictated on-air apology

    Doyle probably whines about diamond lanes, too. He'll really whine if
    he does door someone, and gets convicted for ADW or manslaughter, esp
    w/ the AMA taking on cars vs bikers with a vengeance. He'll REALLY
    cry (after he comes to) if he tries that with a 1%er-type!

    ..As I work in Bay Area radio, and have on & off since 1981 (when I was
    interning for KSJO & getting paid at their sister AM station), I'd be
    up for perhaps repeating this idea, and using my radio contacts to
    spread OUR message.

    Clear Channel's license for KNEW (I worked for them too, when they
    played almost-decent C&W music...way back before Cheap Channel gobbled
    'em up) was granted to them by the FCC so they may serve the local
    community. With all of us (many in broadcasting, tooo) that ride
    scooters & mcs around here, we could get ol' Jerry Doyle LOTS of

, Jul 3, 2007
  6. mentALEXcersize

    Steven Guest

    Tell everybody he owns a YZ250 and it's been in pieces in an oily pile
    outside his trailer since 1999.
    Steven, Jul 5, 2007
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