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Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by Zebee Johnstone, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. Just saying that I really like riding my motorcycle.

    When you have had a bike for a while and ride it a lot, you get to the
    point where you don't even notice it. You just go where you need to
    go and the bike's part of you. Or you of it.

    Riding the Norge and not noticing that it's tall and heavy. Gear
    changes sweet and easy (despite the flywheel, shaft drive, and car
    clutch), bike so nimble and quick.

    There is something so utterly enjoyable about riding a good
    motorcycle. Doesn't matter if it's through twisties or a long tour or
    just around town, there's a grin on my face and a feeling all is right
    with the world as long as I have my bike.

    So blather away on usenet, but don't forget to go for a ride on your
    favourite bike.

    Zebee Johnstone, Dec 24, 2008
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  2. Zebee Johnstone

    G-S Guest

    She has got a point Johno!

    Don't want to let the letterbox get lonely or it'll end up going off
    with the posty...

    G-S, Dec 24, 2008
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  3. Zebee Johnstone

    Dale Porter Guest

    I'm really missing having a bike at the mo. But a Norge will definitely be
    the next one. Then I doubt you'll get me off the thing!

    Dale Porter, Dec 24, 2008
  4. In aus.motorcycles on Wed, 24 Dec 2008 11:04:55 GMT
    hey Theo! Plans for world domination are progressing!

    Zebee Johnstone, Dec 24, 2008
  5. In aus.motorcycles on Wed, 24 Dec 2008 22:04:42 +1100
    So everyone says. But then put it next to a T series or an early Le
    Mans and the thing's ginormous! (I used to think the Old Girl was a
    big heavy bike. No more... The Norge is a light precise steerer and
    beautifully easy to manouver at low speeds but it's no Tonti framed
    titch like the Hack Guzzi was[1].)
    Personal taste I guess. I am not that fond of current headlight
    trends but I do like the angled lights.

    And I note that high beam is a tarmac melter, heaps of light with good
    shape for a long distance.

    You want to have small hands to change the bulbs though!


    [1] is. As in it still exists but in quite a different form. Silly
    bugger who bought it reckons he's spent about $15k on making it into a
    cafe racer. The mind it boggleth.
    Zebee Johnstone, Dec 24, 2008
  6. The Norge is a light precise steerer and beautifully easy to manouver at low speeds

    Every ridden a CBRanything??
    Mister Biggus, Dec 25, 2008
  7. Zebee Johnstone

    CrazyCam Guest

    Me too!

    (I just love a "me too" post!)
    Dunno about that....

    there are times when I don't actually feel 100% bloody excellent, but, a
    wee ride on any of my bikes, soon gets me back to that status.

    I think it might be a case of familiarity breeds content.
    Oh, it's another campaign speech for the Norge, is it? :)

    As a matter of fact, I find even riding a not so great motorcycle bloody
    good, too. But then again, we all know I'm a cheap tart.
    Hi Zebee, I saw your post this morning, and thought, yup...sounds good
    to me.

    It was too early for Angie to be tempted into a ride, so I took the
    Triumph and idled (double flybuys, remember) up to the Mt.White ex-cafe.

    The place is currently roped off with netting and stuff, but has a sign
    saying it will be re-opening after renovations or refurbishment or some
    such. <shrug>

    When I stopped for a smoke there was one other bikie there, on a Sachs
    125....wished him a merry whatsit and gave him a chrissie pie.

    One other bikie also stopped...same deal, merry xmass, have a pie.

    The way back, with the traffic building up wasn't quite so idyllic, but
    still and all, I was riding, so how bad could it be?

    On the way back, I stopped to chat with a mate, who was riding his
    pushie..... see, I am broad minded, some of my best friends ride
    pushbikes...another pie, another merry grimbal.

    Once back in civilisation, well Hornsby, the traffic had gotten to be
    quite silly, but, I still had a big grin on my face anyway.

    I still had had a great wee ride, albeit at, or very near, the speed
    limit, and the Triumph felt brilliant.

    Yesterday's riding, into a couple of shopping centres, was on the BM,
    and that, too, brought a big grin... knowing that I could park without
    the drama of killing the other aspirants to a space before using it.

    The old bimmer, while a completely different riding experience, also
    makes me feel good.

    Maybe I should go for a wee ride on the Z50 before I have too much more
    Christmas cheer/Coopers Stout?

    CrazyCam, Dec 25, 2008
  8. Zebee Johnstone

    Diogenes Guest

    A regular wee little Santa, you are...

    Have a good one...

    Onya bike...

    Diogenes, Dec 25, 2008
  9. In aus.motorcycles on Thu, 25 Dec 2008 11:00:59 +1100
    Nope. Are they over 220kg or are they something you *expect* to be

    Zebee Johnstone, Dec 25, 2008
  10. Mister Biggus, Dec 25, 2008
  11. Zebee Johnstone

    will_s Guest

    at the moment I have lost that spark
    will_s, Dec 25, 2008
  12. In aus.motorcycles on Fri, 26 Dec 2008 09:26:41 +1100
    So try a new spark plug? Check the coils?

    Or maybe it's time for a new bike....

    Zebee Johnstone, Dec 25, 2008
  13. Zebee Johnstone

    theo Guest

    The Norge secret appears to be out. I went for a little 200 km ride

    theo, Dec 26, 2008
  14. Zebee Johnstone

    will_s Guest

    not even interested in a newbie
    will_s, Dec 26, 2008
  15. Go see Gerry and ask his advice
    George W Frost, Dec 26, 2008
  16. Zebee Johnstone

    CrazyCam Guest

    CrazyCam, Dec 27, 2008
  17. Rides a premium Euro brand.

    Why would she bother with a POS JapCrap?

    Its good for you "commoners" of pleb variety

    "Power of DREAMERS" winners of 08' postie/tiddlewinks cup lol

    PaulpULVITZKA, Dec 27, 2008
  18. In aus.motorcycles on Fri, 26 Dec 2008 23:25:09 -0800 (PST)
    Because all bikes are fun?

    - Yamaha owner
    Zebee Johnstone, Dec 27, 2008
  19. Zebee Johnstone

    Nev.. Guest

    I've never owned a Yamaha.. but I sold one at the start of this year.

    '07 XB12X
    '08 DL1000K8
    Nev.., Dec 30, 2008
  20. Same here. The GSX-R 1000 has been finished and come up a treat.
    Riding it is like being strapped to a rocket that is controlled via esp.
    I am trying to stay off it during double demerit time.

    Fraser Johnston, Dec 30, 2008
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