Kill switch on 3.5 HP Briggs & Stratton

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by troy, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. troy

    troy Guest


    My son and I are fixing up a Bananza mini bike with a 3.5 HP Briggs &
    Stratton. I ordered a universal kill switch (button), and am
    struggling figuring out how it hooks up (no instructions). I was
    anticipating that is would have 2 wires (like an in and an out of a
    toggle switch) but it doesn't, it just has one wire? How does this
    work, and where do I hook it up? On the engine, it looks like there
    are 2 wires on the coil. One is just loose and not hooked up to
    anything. Any ideas on this?


    troy, Apr 5, 2004
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  2. troy

    Dwarf8 Guest

    I'm betting you interrupt the engine ground through the kill switch.
    It has one wire so you connect it to the ground of the motor ignition. Then
    when the switch is flipped, there is no ground so it dies.
    Dwarf8, Apr 5, 2004
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