KLR250 Water in oil?

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by Tom108, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. Tom108

    Tom108 Guest

    Hello All- My Kawasaki 85' KLR 250 has water in oil, Is this just from
    a bad cylinder gasket(upper or lower) or is there a common problem with
    this model other than the gasket? Anyone with experience on this?
    Thanks. Tom.
    Tom108, Nov 23, 2003
  2. Tom108

    fweddybear Guest

    Hello All- My Kawasaki 85' KLR 250 has water in oil, Is this just from
    Let me start by saying that I am not familiar with the KLR 250.....
    but..........if it is an air cooled engine, then you have to ask yourself a
    few questions... like... do you let the bike warm up first?? how far do you
    drive it on a ride? because if you just tool around town for a half hour or
    less, then what you are seeing is consensation that has gotten into your oil
    tank and it isn't evaporating because youdon't ride it for a long enough
    period of time. If you are you seeing something sudslike in your oil tank,
    and your engine isn't water cooled, then you need to ride the bike for more
    than half an hour without the stop and go. On the other hand.... if yo do
    ride it for long periods of time without the stop and shut off..... then I
    am not sure....

    fweddybear, Nov 23, 2003
  3. Tom108

    Tom108 Guest

    The KLR 250 is liquid cooled, and I got the bike as a basket
    case(disassembled) but the engine is in one piece, the previous owner
    told me that the oil looked milky from coolant leaking in somewhere. I
    am just wondering if this leak is not a common problem on this model.
    You may be correct on the theory that the engine was not run long enough
    to "cook" the moisture out of the crankcase oil, but I have not run it
    yet so I don't know. I have not pulled the cylinder yet, I did pull the
    Valve cover and the camshafts look okay, I just figured I'd ask on here
    before I tear it down. Thanks. Tom.
    Tom108, Nov 23, 2003
  4. Tom108

    Geribaldy Guest

    The first thing I would check is the water pump seal.You should be able to remove the pump (I never
    worked on a KLR) and replace it, and it's obviously cheaper than buying a new head gasket etc.
    Geribaldy, Nov 24, 2003
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