KZ650 C3 1978 : Petrol Tap Diaphragm

Discussion in 'Classic Motorbikes' started by martinski, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. martinski

    martinski Guest

    Does anyone know if the diaphragm from another model of Z will fit the one
    on my 650? I'm having great difficulty finding the right ones from suppliers
    and may have to resort to replacing the entire tap fitting. A cost i'd
    rather avoid.
    martinski, Nov 12, 2003
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  2. martinski

    Mark Olson Guest

    (I used to own a '77 KZ650B1 with a manual tap and an '81 KZ750E2
    with the vacuum style tap, so I feel compelled to respond)

    Since Kawasaki aren't known for using different part numbers for
    the same part, I don't think using a diaphragm from another (K)Z
    will work[1]. shows the 1979 KZ650C3 vacuum operated
    petcock diaphragm as:

    23 43028-1015 DIAPHRAGM ASSY,TAP 1 USE FOR 51023-1023

    There are two find #23s listed, presumably because the -1004 part was
    superseded. 51023-1023 is the vacuum style tap. If you cannot find
    the diaphragm as a separate part, to save money you could substitute
    the manual petcock from a C1 (I am assuming the non-vacuum type will
    be cheaper):

    10 51023-057 COCK ASSY,FUEL 1 KZ650-C1

    [1] The '81 KZ750E2's vacuum tap (51023-1029) also uses the same
    diaphragm as the KZ650C3, 43028-1015, FWIW.
    Mark Olson, Nov 12, 2003
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  3. martinski

    martinski Guest

    Thanks for that Mark...and I hope you're right as I've managed to find a
    supplier in the US who can supply a petcock (i remember pet rocks from the
    70's, these must be a distant cousin) repair kit for a KZ750E2 which I've
    now ordered. I couldn't find the Z650 C3 on the kwacker site, and the parts
    details for the KZ750E2 don't have diagram details. Born lucky me. So im
    crossing fingers and toes in readiness for the postmans delivery. Either
    way, i appreciate your advice and thanks again. By the way, if anyone needs
    my US contact address, let me know. Supply + p&p worked out cheaper than
    buying locally. How good is that.

    martinski, Nov 14, 2003
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