Le Mans QP

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Racing' started by pablo, May 21, 2006.

  1. pablo

    pablo Guest

    It'll be interesting.

    perhaps those who speculated about Pedrosa and the 250 guys in general just
    making it into MotoGP based on pure favoritism and not driving skills will
    henceforth gracefully shut their trap and stick to some other pet notions
    that haven't been proven pathetically wrong within a short period of time.
    It was obvious and is obvious the guy can ride a little.

    What surprises me is that supposedly his small size has a very negative
    impact on aerodynamics, evidenced by other bikes having 15mph of top speed
    on him. That's quite extreme. On the other hand, it seems his small size
    allows him to upset the bike the least, so it has other advantages.

    Awesome job by Nakano, and again also Hopkins. Hopefully one of these days
    both these guys qualifying pace finally translates into more consistent and
    better race results.

    After these 3, the field is actually extremely close together, and given the
    fact that things on qualifiers may significantly differ from race tires, and
    *especially* given the fact there's a rain forecast - well, things are
    utterly unpredictable. I don't expect Pedrosa to do that great in the rain -
    the rain should favor other guys. I would not be surprised to see Roberts
    near the front again in the rain, and perhaps a comeback from Gibernau.
    Hopkins could do well. As one would also expect Rossi to do. In the rain,
    I'll be crazy and predict a Hopkins victory! Ho Hopkins, it's long overdue.
    pablo, May 21, 2006
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