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Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by user, Aug 27, 2004.

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    I'm making a low budget (wannabe) supermoto. The bike is Honda XR 650 L and
    the 17" rims are from Honda NSR 125cc. The usage of the bike is 80 %
    dirt/small road and 20 % short distance city riding and the toughest
    off-road events will be ridden with the original rims and knobbies.

    The rims and brakes (320 mm front) work fine (and the fun-factor is fine
    even with the old tires :)). The bike just feels 2 sizes smaller and
    lighter :) The only problem is to find some dualsport tires because of
    2,15" and 3,5" wide 17" rims.

    -Easiest way would be to keep the original tyre size (100/80 and 130/70),
    buy some new sport/touring tires and loose all off-road performance :-(
    -Another choice could be to buy a pair of new supermoto tires (120/70 and
    150/70) and maybe have a weird to handle (?????) nice looking bike??
    -One choice (the best IMHO) could be some dualsport tires that fit fine to
    those rims, Michelin MT60 110/90 (rear wheel) front and 140/80 rear or do i
    get a BIIIIIG PROBLEM because of the shape of the front (rear) tyre or some
    other reason????

    Legal things are not any problem, because almost all that kind of fun is
    already illegal in Finland even if you try to do it some safe way ;-)

    Anybody else had that kind of problems?


    user, Aug 27, 2004
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