Manx kitten chases Idefix

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Racing' started by James McGuigan, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. Manx kitten chases Idefix

    The Manx kitten, that Italian TT Racing babe, Francesca Romana
    Giordano, is off to save the world with the help of Idefix. Idefix is
    not the dog from Asterix and Obelix, but rather a 37ft sailing yacht
    that she plans to sail around the world, building networks of like
    minded people and spreading the word about a World Future Council of
    respected wise elders, pioneers and youth leaders. The Italian speed
    daemon says that our governments are going flat out towards a sharp
    bend but are afraid to take their foot off the accelerator with the
    other countries racing close behind. If we slam on the breaks now and
    change direction, we might be able to make it, otherwise we risk
    crashing off the track and that would be a very painful experience for

    If she gets her boat, one of the first places she would like to sail is
    the Isle of Man for the next TT races and you never know what might
    happen next. But first she needs to sell her bike. The Yamaha YZF 750
    is the one she raced in the 1995 Italian Sport Production, 1995 Trofeo
    d'Estate, Varano, (Italy), 1996 Ulster Grand Prix and in the August
    1996 Superbike in Zolder, Belgium. The bike has received extensive
    press coverage in the major papers. It is still in excellent condition,
    and would make an excellent collectors item for someone who wants a
    piece of history. It's currently for auction on eBay (item 4565037290)
    with a starting bid of just £26,000, anyone interested?. For more
    information about the bike, including photos and news articles, see
    James McGuigan, Jul 29, 2005
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