Melbourne Toy Run - Cranbourne meet point and Ulysses club [long]

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by Jason Allen, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. Jason Allen

    Jason Allen Guest

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    Subject: Melbourne Toy Run - Cranbourne meet point and Ulysses club [long]
    Date: Sat, 06 Dec 2003 00:58:05 +1100

    An open letter to the Ulysses Melbourne branch committee, Ulysses
    National Committee, and all interested parties of this years Melbourne
    Toy Run. (http:/// The below is my sole opinion and
    thoughts based around my discussions with those involved in the
    Melbourne MRA Toy Run and the Cranbourne meet point (now being
    advertised as the Cranbourne Run to Williamstown)

    As a Melbourne based motorcyclist, to me the annual Toy Run is at the
    pinnacle of the riding calendar. It allows motorcyclists of all creeds
    and persuasions to unite as one in showing the community that we care
    for those less fortunate. A unity that, through the media's reporting,
    shows the wider community that around 20,000 Melbourne riders are great
    ambassadors of the giving spirit at Christmas time. I am proud to be a
    volunteer in this years, and past years, Toy Runs.

    For the last 19years, the Cranbourne meet point for the MRA Toy Run has
    been organised by Barbara and Dale Maggs - both MRA and Ulysses club
    members. This meet point, like several others in the outskirts of
    Melbourne, gathers local riders together so they can ride into Melbourne
    as a group and join the starting point of the Melbourne MRA Toy Run -
    the highlight and purpose of the day.

    Over the last few weeks I have watched and read as this years event, the
    25th, is being split apart and politicised by the ego's of a small few
    within the Ulysses Melbourne Branch. Why? For no good reason it seems
    other than retribution for something as small as a forgotten communique
    to Barbara and Dale Maggs about a change to the finishing point of the
    MRA Toy Run. (The MRA moved it a few weeks ago from Williamstown to
    Federation Square due to financial impositions from the Hobsons Bay City
    Council) It has snowballed from there and now revenge, pride, and ego's
    are at stake. Amongst it all, the real reason for the Toy Run - giving
    and unity - has been completely lost. Sounds astonishing doesn't it?

    As a result of the brusied ego's and retribution, Barbara/Dale Maggs and
    the Ulysses Melbourne Branch have decided to not take the riders that
    will turn-up at the Cranbourne meet point to the MRA Toy Run like they
    have done so for the last 19 years, but instead they will have their own
    Toy Run and take the riders that turn-up straight to Williamstown (the
    finishing point of last years Melbourne MRA Toy Run). I can only imagine
    the outcry and mayhem that will occur when the 2,000+ riders turn-up to
    the Cranbourne meet point, expecting to join the group for a ride to the
    MRA Toy Run starting point in Melbourne as they have done in many years
    gone by, only to find out the Cranbourne meet point's organisers are
    wanting to use them as pawns in a power game. Under those circumstances,
    I would expect that the majority of riders that turn-up at Cranbourne
    will not follow the group to Williamstown but turn off at Melbourne to
    join the traditional MRA Toy Run. What a calamity that will be for the
    police escort leading the Cranbourne pack.

    In the below emails with Ulysses Melbourne Branch Committee, you'll read
    that they unequivocally imply that the Ulysses Melbourne Branch is not
    organising the Cranbourne meet point, or endorsing it over the MRA Toy
    Run. But that it is Barbara and Dale Maggs that organise it, and that
    Ulysses Melbourne Branch has no concerns with the MRA Toy Run. In stark
    contrast, at the website of the Ulysses Melbourne Branch, it's president
    Bill Elliott writes: "Just to Clarify this Years Toy Run from Cranbourne
    to Williamstown is an Ulysses event and backed by our Club, Ulysses inc,
    no inferance should be drawn regarding the MRA". On the website of the
    Ulysses National Branch he (Bill Elliot) also writes "Just to set the
    record correct, the Cranbourne Toy Run is an Ulysses inc event and it's
    destination is Williamstown, it is not a Barbara or Dale Maggs event, it
    is a toy run for the kids, there is no vengeance towards the MRA" The
    Ulysses national website also has comments such as "She [Barbara Maggs]
    would love to support MRA, they have abandoned her!"

    So in emailing the Ulysses Melbourne Branch about the Cranbourne meet
    point, they point out that Barbara and Dale Maggs are the organisers and
    distance themselves from it. But on Ulysses website's, the Melbourne
    Branch President says they are the organisers of Cranbourne and not
    Barbara and Dale Maggs. Yes, I'm confused too. Is it Ulysses Melbourne
    Branch that it breaking 19 years of tradition in disenfranchising the
    Cranbourne meet point from the MRA Toy Run because of bruised ego's and
    revenge, or is it Barbara and Dale Maggs? But it's the Toy Run and it's
    giving and unity that's important, not who is politicising it for the
    purpose of retribution.

    In a recent email sent to me by Dale Maggs early this week he wrote "The
    only answer you need to know is the 14th December and Williamstown and
    that's all". I responded to Dale asking him why he was disenfranchising
    from the MRA Toy Run after 19 years, and so far he has chosen not to
    reply. In that same email, Dale Maggs also had attachments with their
    flyer for Cranbourne and a letter of personal recommendation from a
    prominent local business. (Refer
    for those attachments). I sent an email to the author of that letter of
    recommendation outlining the circumstances around Cranbourne and Barbara
    and Dale Maggs intentions for the Cranbourne meet point and got a
    response saying "I was not aware of the circumstances surrounding this
    year's 'Toy Run'." Poor guy, getting involved and having his name and
    business distributed throughout the Internet in support/recommendation
    of Barbara and Dale Maggs but not knowing for what and how it was being

    To conclude, I would ask all readers to consider the following:

    1. The Ulysses National committee to immediately review and investigate
    the actions and purpose of the Melbourne Branch's committee with regard
    to the Cranbourne meet point of the MRA Toy Run;

    2. Continue to strongly and proudly support the Toy Run. If you normally
    goto the Cranbourne meet point, evaluate whether you want to get
    involved with it's likely mayhem and instead join another meet point or
    go directly to the MRA starting point.

    3. Forward this email to friends, other riders. and motorcycling mailing
    lists to let them know about the Cranbourne meet points intention so
    they too can make an informed decision about whether they wish to go to
    Cranbourne or not.

    4. Remember always that the Toy Run is the pinnacle of our riding
    calendar, and should never be treated in this way. It's always about
    riders uniting en-mass to give some xmas cheer to those in need and
    showing the wider community, through the media, what caring and unified
    group motorcyclists are.

    5. It's not too late for the Cranbourne meet point to meet with the MRA
    Toy Run starting point, as it has done for the last 19 years. If you
    have any contact with the Ulysses Melbourne Branch Committee or Barbara
    and Dale Maggs, and do not agree with their disenfranchising of the
    Cranbourne meet point, let them know your thoughts. Perhaps a little
    encouragement is all they need to remember the kids and the unity of
    past years?

    6. The Ulysses Melbourne Branch Committee and Barbara and Dale Maggs to
    review the reason why they are doing this (my queries to them have gone
    unanswered). Are they 100% sure that there is no ego, politicising, or
    retribution involved in the decision to disenfranchise the Cranbourne
    meet point? And if not, would they like to tell us why then after
    19years do they feel they need to change the status quo?

    Full details of this years Melbourne MRA Toy Run are available at Thanks for reading.

    Jason Allen
    Jason Allen, Dec 6, 2003
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  2. Jason Allen

    Graham Guest

    <Snip 16 lines of valid email addresses that are now getting spam they
    didn't need.>
    Graham, Dec 6, 2003
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  3. Jason Allen

    sharkey Guest

    Oh, for ****'s sake Jason. They've made a call that a 3km waddle
    around the city isn't a suitable Toy Run, and they're going to
    Bikes by the Bay instead. And on the way they'll drop off pressies
    to the Smith Family in Cranbourne.

    What's the big problem?
    What, one Damien isn't enough for us?

    sharkey, Dec 6, 2003
  4. Jason Allen

    conehead Guest

    It's not the same with Ulysses everywhere, paulh. Melbourne seems to have
    problems of this type fairly regularly, with coups and disruptions,
    bickering and infighting. Maybe it's something to do with living in such a
    rooted city.

    Which is contradicted by the magnificent Ulysses Club in Adelaide, which
    would have to be the most fucked city in the undeveloped world.

    By the same token, it might be something to do with the age-group, too.
    Whenever I've had anything to do with Vietnam Vets organisations I see the
    same sorts of teddy-tossing, dummy-spitting, pouting, sulking and
    name-calling - and it's usually over some piddling thing (no cock-jokes
    conehead, Dec 6, 2003
  5. Jason Allen

    Theo Bekkers Guest

    Who gives a ****?

    Theo Bekkers, Dec 7, 2003
  6. Jason Allen

    Jason Allen Guest

    Seem's you don't, but then I couldn't give a **** what you think about it.

    Jason Allen, Dec 7, 2003
  7. Jason Allen

    BT Humble Guest

    Ahh, Melbourne and the MRAV. Such a splendid breeding ground for
    self-righteous wordy individuals!

    BT Humble, Dec 7, 2003
  8. Jason Allen

    please.reply Guest

    If that was the truth of the matter, then very little (apart from maybe
    trying to highjack 2,000+ people who think they are meeting to go to the
    Melbourne Toy Run and have no idea of a change). But the truth is, they
    decided to change from participating in the Melbourne Toy Run after the
    change from Williamstown but before Federatino Square. So to say they are
    changing because of their dislike of a 3km waddle around the city is
    wrong. If that is your understanding, then you have been misled and

    please.reply, Dec 7, 2003
  9. Jason Allen

    Theo Bekkers Guest

    "Jason Allen" wrote
    I'm pleased to announce that the Perth Toy Run (the oldest in Oz at 28
    years) went off without a hitch (again). Police estimated the number of
    bikes at 9000.

    The Ulysses Club had a great turnout as usual. the Ulysses Club did not
    organise the ride.

    Theo Bekkers, Dec 8, 2003
  10. Jason Allen

    please.reply Guest

    Fantastic. Even though they (Perth'ians) are behind a few hours, they
    always manage to lead the way.

    please.reply, Dec 8, 2003
  11. Jason Allen

    sharkey Guest

    You fuckers! You hijacked 9000 riders who believed they were
    joining the Melbourne Toy Run!

    sharkey, Dec 8, 2003
  12. Jason Allen

    Moike Guest


    You misspelled MRAA


    Moike, Dec 8, 2003
  13. I've noticed you're getting rather cranky lately, Theo. It's so not
    you. Care to talk about it?


    PeterC [aka MildThing]
    '81 Suzuki GS450-s
    '87 BMW K100RT
    Peter Cremasco, Dec 8, 2003
  14. Jason Allen

    BT Humble Guest

    Nope, still can't see it. ;-)

    (Perhaps I should declare myself "Lord and Master of all GPX250 owners
    of Australia"? I mean, the MRAV seem to have set the precedent...)
    BT Humble, Dec 8, 2003
  15. Jason Allen

    Conehead Guest

    You mean to say that you're NOT?!?

    Disillusioned Conehead
    Conehead, Dec 8, 2003
  16. Jason Allen

    Theo Bekkers Guest

    "Peter Cremasco" wrote
    Sigh! Banks, Tax office, Telstra and other idiots.

    I changed my credit card to Virgin. Same kind of card as I had, same
    limit, no annual charges, 6% lower rate. Operates through the SAME
    Bank I was using. Three months after I got my Virgin card and had
    stopped using my other card, my other card was cancelled. I found out
    when an ATM didn't give me my card back when trying to take some money
    out of my savings account. My bank was astounded that I still needed
    to have access to my savings account. Took them seven working days to
    send me a new Handycard, another seven days to send me the bloody PIN.
    Meanwhile every time I needed cash I had to go to a bank teller and
    identify myself. I can get a replacement BP card in 24 hours.

    I've been scratching around trying to find $65K to pay the ATO for
    last year's business tax. Paid it yesterday. Overdraft looks a little
    sick now.

    I have been looking after the accounts of another company since
    January as well. Got a call from the ATO last week wanting to know why
    that company was $20K in CREDIT with the ATO. Cool, Tax Office rings
    up to ask why you sent them money. Am now trying to sort out WTF the
    previous person did re BAS statements since July 2000. And why the
    hell they sent the ATO two payments of $4499 and $15600 last year when
    the accounts don't seem to support such a payment. Fun!

    My new CDMA phone works everywhere except in my house.

    I think I need a long weekend in Bali. Leaving on Friday.

    Theo Bekkers, Dec 9, 2003
  17. Jason Allen

    Nev.. Guest

    I thought that was the SANFL...

    '03 ZX12R
    '02 CBR1100XX
    Nev.., Dec 9, 2003
  18. Jason Allen

    Conehead Guest

    Businessman wrecks cashflow buying cars and assorted goodies to reduce tax
    bill. Uses overdraft to cover, but doesn't complain about interest

    You _must_ need a holiday, Theo!

    Ex-banker Conehead
    Conehead, Dec 9, 2003
  19. Jason Allen

    Knobdoodle Guest

    Theo Bekkers wrote in message ...
    I had the exact same thing happen the week before the GP.
    I'd cancelled my credit-card and then 6-weeks-or-so later they killed my ATM
    card too.
    After a day or two of abortive attempts to re-activate it ("OK I've tried
    something. Can you go downstairs and try it in the machine again and then
    ring me back") they realised they couldn't and mailed me a new one and new

    Fortunately I was able to move money between accounts with a phone-call and
    I had another ATM-account or I woulda' been stuff-a-roonied!

    (As it was I spent several hours that trip standing on the side of the road
    yapping on the mobile 'cause my OTHER bank fucked up my new house finance!!)
    Knobdoodle, Dec 9, 2003
  20. Jason Allen

    Theo Bekkers Guest

    "Knobdoodle" wrote
    The ATM I stuck my card in said "Card has been reported lost or
    stolen". What idiot programmed that in for a cancelled card?

    Theo Bekkers, Dec 9, 2003
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